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    Good on on the boss, he'll really stand out in his squad.

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    Thanks to all :-)
    @DaBeebs: LoL ... not sure if I should name them all... If the unit gets attacked in a future game, I might react very emotionally, once minis are killed...
    Screaming: "You killed ROGER, TIMMY and MIKE... you're DEAD!!!"

    Meanwhile the bluish folds are progressing:
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    For that reason you should name them, and don't forget to post the video of you screaming about Timmy being killed and everyone else in the store looking at you like you have lost your mind...

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    The bluish prototype is ready:

    Name:  4B754EA5-1852-4F72-B7E9-C7EDDA149FE3.jpg
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    The bluish 7 are done. The last quarter is open: The purplish
    I really like the colourful crowd!
    And: I‘ve bought a silver marker to put names on the bases

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    Holy shit!!!

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    Very well done. They look great as a unit. You are becoming a lot tidier already. Keep it flowing.

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    Nicely done Graishak! YOu got in a groove painting all of those and put out some really nice goblins.

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    Awesome to see you’ve got these taken care of; that’s a sh!t load of goblins! After assembling my Zarbag kit last night, I have an even greater respect for what you’ve accomplished! They look sweet, and you stuck with it!

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    Thanks guys!
    @Beebs: have fun with Zarbags Gitz, really nice minis.

    The purplish prototype is ready:

    Name:  CDBD57C1-E0C7-4076-A3D9-33509E246EE4.jpg
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    Looking good, but now I want some skittles candy for some reason. A tip if you want the purple triangles on the hood to be a little lighter, you could always mix in some light skin color paint you have laying around (I usually use Reaper Maiden Flesh), but if you just have GW colors you could use Kislev Flesh or probably Flayed One Flesh.

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    Skittles.... yep that’s fits. You gave a name ti the unit.
    The skittles shootas.
    On purpose I was using the darker color. I have a lighter
    GW purple, but wanted to use the darker one.
    6 + flag bearer are left. Thinking about bringing the four
    colors to the bearer somehow. Hoping to finish it by end of
    this week.
    My armies on parade project needs to get progress (which is

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    The job is done...! Skittles Shootaz are online :-)
    Feel free to leave a vote (or a comment)

    Eki was doing a big influence on the unit...
    All Gitz have now names...
    For you guys: Take a look at the bluish ones... it's honoring my biggest supporters here in the forum.
    Now I'm looking forward to do something more individualized...
    What's next: Balewind Vortex and Knight of Shrouds on Skeleton Steed.

    Here the pic:
    Name:  Shootas für CMON.jpg
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    Love the blood dragon shield on the Gobbo - savage work my friend. You have a brass pair of culonies!!!

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    Helluva job you’ve done on this massive project!
    What are some of the high points that you’d had during this process? What were the most useful things you learned? What would you have done differently, if you were to take this on again?

    They look fantastic!

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    Great job on these Graishak! Love the names you gave them, don't forget to post a video when you start screaming at the other players about them getting taken out during a game!
    That group shot looks really cool with all the colors mixed like that!

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    Very standout and effective colours and a high standard over all the minis.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Well done for completing all these mate, and what an honour! I'm an honorary gobbo, thank you haha. Congrats for keeping a high standard across so many minis.

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