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    Doors are now open for the next project, as I've now finished my little terrain experiment:

    Looking forward for some feedback (would love to have St. Toads opinion on this, especially as I was buying a leaf punch and several grass materials ^^).
    The Goblin inside myself couldn't resist to add at least one mushroom to this little dio ;-)

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    Nice job Graishak, great looking terrain piece you have made.

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    well done on placing. your hard work paid off
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Here is the next guy on my to-do-list:
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    Little dio turn out great! This beholder looks promising! I want one too!

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    Beholder progressing...
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    Further progressing...
    Starting to get happy with it
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    Nice, I am liking the Beholder! WHo makes that one? Is it Reaper?

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    Congrats on AoP! Nice job, everything’s looking good. I really like the tones you have on the head tentacles on your monster there. Also a suggestion for his eye- maybe add in a darker tone to separate the yellow iris from the white part of the eye, even if you want to stay in the same color range maybe go for a darker yellow/mid brown or medium green, followed by a little dark line at the very edge. It will make it pop a lot more, I think the yellow you have is nice and bright but it gets lost a little with the white so close to it

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    @Eki: it’s a D&D mini from wizkids

    @Sik Willy: Thanks for the Feedback. Tried to draw, what you’re suggesting.
    Did I get that right?

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    Close, but smaller. You don’t need much of the dark color. Here’s a pic of a sketch I just did for the project I’m doing, we’re both working on eyes! See how there’s a dark ring between the white and purple of the iris? I think if you do that it’ll set it off. If the mid brown is still a little bright then add an even smaller almost hairline of dark brown or black/brown mix. Basically darklining it. That should help and make a big difference. Also the eye effect always hits home once you add in the reflection highlight.
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    This might help too (chose it because the eye was similar color and shape as yours)
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    So just add that little bit of brown/orange/green (whichever color you choose) outside the yellow and then a thin line even darker around that

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    Thanks for that advice.
    Tried to realize this:

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    And indeed, that pops up!

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    Yeah, that defines the eye a lot better! Nice work there Graishak

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    Tonight I found some time and a slow hand to finalize this Beholder.
    Thanks again to Sik Willy and Eki for the useful hints.
    Loaded to gallery:

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    Construction complete:

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    Honestly I would have expected a bigger size of those fellas for 65 € investment...
    They seem indeed tiny ;-)
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    Beholder looks great! Squigs gonna be awesome

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