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    I gotta agree with everyone else, the grass matching the tones in the undead wolves really helps tie everything together. I also am envious of your zombie horde, now that I have figured out a zombie flesh I like I will have to start on my own horde soon.

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    Thanks Guawol :-) You made me curious, which flesh scheme is your favourite?

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    The grey dried out scheme, I believe you called it rotted. I watched a video (don't remember the artist) who did a demo of 3 different types of zombie flesh schemes, that resembles your flesh schemes.

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    Fyi: Those were the paints I used for the rotten ones

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    Nice. Those are very similar to the colors I used for my undead giant:
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    Boarding is completed. The Dire Wolves are done :-)
    Next on the pile of shame... an since months unfinished Putrid Blightkings unit...

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    These will look great running across a battlefield, before tearing into the enemy units.

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    Looking good Graishak, you have an excellent touch with the skeleton / bone shading.

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    Small update. The Nurglies needed to go back in queue…
    In the box of shame I found some grave guards, which do
    now have attention. Those rusty guys are progressing quite well…

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