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    I totally forgot about this character... I guess I need to rewatch the show.

    Anyway, nice kitbash, pretty close to the reference. Bravo.

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    Thanks Dex.
    Now at 90%
    Name:  427EDD6F-28B6-41E4-982F-D570EFEE3290.jpeg
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Size:  151.2 KBName:  15FD5D5A-CD18-47A4-97B9-CA6B54A0EAAE.jpeg
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    While I am not familiar with Falling Skies, the kit bashed figure is looking really cool!

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    Thanks Eki. It was fun to do this project. Now I need to think about, how she can be used in Warhammer ;-) I'm confident, that I'll find a way to bring her to the tabletop somehow.

    The job is done:

    Name:  Espheni Queen 1.JPG
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Size:  186.5 KBName:  Espheni Queen 2.JPG
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    Now I will return to Papa Nurgle's fellas... there are plenty of them waiting patiently on my desk.

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    Thanks Chris, highly appreciated :-)

    Now I was returning to my Nurgle pipeline.
    The 2nd squad of Blightkings is done - more to come

    Name:  Blightkings unit 2 - Stapel small.jpg
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Size:  1.29 MB

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    You have really leveled up since I have been away.

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    Thanks Mike. Indeed it has been a while ago, that I recognized you here. Welcome back.

    Meanwhile - Nurgle is growing :-)
    I've finished my third Plague Toad today. So the unit is no - finally - completed!

    Name:  Plague Toads_small.jpg
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    What's next? I'm undecided, but maybe the Blightkings, which I converted are getting some attention.

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    Nice job on those last couple of blightkings! The metals look great! Just not enough light in the pictures to appreciate in full.

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    Thanks Joce. Indeed I'm still doing experiments with the background of my pictures. For some the white is favorable... but not for all. So this is what happened to the 2nd pack of Blightkings ^^.
    Last edited by Graishak; 04-11-2021 at 05:51 AM.

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    Super cool work as always Graishak! The Blightkings look awesome. You really have the dark metal look going, and the bright pops of color are great.

    Hang in there my friend, your photography is also getting better.
    For white brackgrounds, I always have to keep in mind the camera is trying to balance the exposure over the *entire* picture, and since most of the picture is bright,
    the camera turns down the exposure a lot - because it wants you to be able to see the nice detail in the paper! However, we don't want to see the paper!!
    So we have to over-expose by a lot to show what is actually of interest.
    Does your camera have an exposure setting? Can you bump it a fair bit? Try taking 3 different pictures, bumping the exposure each time, then post them and let's see!

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    Thanks Chris.
    Indeed that exposure thing was a hidden feature on my camera.
    I tried it - results below are remarkable! Thanks for that hint

    Name:  2CD4B25E-0FFB-4A4D-BE5A-5681F3928ADB.jpeg
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    With exposure:
    Name:  65F3DD3A-C218-4599-9294-62581EB56A7A.jpeg
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    I'm glad I could help! Looking forward to all the future photos!

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    My latest project in progress:
    Name:  582C824B-94F4-4D07-A219-3D169429FCBD.jpeg
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    Cool sculpt here on the new one. I love female models with big, uh, er, shields. Looking good.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Thanks Tiki... you made me smile. Yep there is indeed focus on big shields :-P

    The mini is done:
    Name:  Female Gladiator.JPG
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    Nice paint job!

    I love how the base turned out too!

    I know eyes are difficult to do especially under a helmet, that's why I wont criticize you to much but I got to tell the truth, they bother me a little, I can't make the eye connection with them...

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    Given the classic fantasy female armour, I think the goal is to keep people from looking at her eyes
    Kickass mini, btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post
    Nice paint job!

    I love how the base turned out too!

    I know eyes are difficult to do especially under a helmet, that's why I wont criticize you to much but I got to tell the truth, they bother me a little, I can't make the eye connection with them...

    I wanted to add, if you find yourself struggling with small details like eyes have you ever consider using a magnifying lamp? There is no shame in using one as a matter of fact even Bohun uses one! Even if he said to have 20/20 vision, he said it's a nice tool t have!! My eyes are not what it used to be and that is how I came to use one myself!

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    Great job Graishak! Glad you are not always doing disgustingly good nurgly stuff, but some prettier things too

    I agree with Jocelyn, the eyes could do with some practice - but I can't help you other than pointing that out. I don't think my eye-painting skills are good enough.
    I can however also recommend the use of some kind of magnifiers. I have a pair of head mounted ones, and without these I would not be able to do anything at all.

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