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    Very very nice Graishak, this beast seems straight out of a nightmare!

    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    I'm having trouble figuring out which end is the head lol
    That's nurgle for you. You think you're sneaking up from behind and wham! the anus eats you
    That's so true

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    Thanks gents
    @Gorb: Here a family picture, what is finished till now.
    Name:  C4CA4B62-982E-4D4A-B7AC-D4E284406C1B.jpeg
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    Batch painting... today’s menu: Plaguebearer
    Name:  8FCDA6EB-6077-442F-B7F5-DEE38827ED4E.jpeg
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    The gang is progressing:
    Name:  25AF866A-7AC6-4AC1-BD87-0D3EC0A6AA6B.jpeg
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    You have quite the nurgle army going on! Really nice job with all of them.

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    Yeah, that army is looks tremendous! Very nicely done, all of them!

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    I can smell the pestilence from here. "Nice" little army.

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    Thanks Gentlemen, appreciated!
    Meanwhile the first Plaguebearer is done.
    Nine waiting queued for details:
    Name:  68897037-2BFD-4FBD-A9D5-976AC571F0C4.jpeg
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    You spawn them faster than the great unclean himself!

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    Tres Delinquentes:
    Name:  0B4D0F33-7BAB-45EE-B7AF-EC348DFB68A3.jpeg
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    I wish I had your production cadence, what's your secret ? Is there a dark god, putting pressure on you ? Great stuff as usual !

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    Thanks Chris - White eyes are kind of nightmaring ^^
    @Kallfa: LoL ... wasn't aware of a dark god putting pressure on me... more thinking about a little devil sitting on my left shoulder yelling at me, that I need to progress (or was it the angel...? Not sure...)

    Anyways... the unit is ready. Papa Nurgle's brood has arrived:

    Name:  Plaguebearer Stapel_small.jpg
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    This guy is giving me a hard time...
    Name:  E6DE7C4D-22F7-4D9B-BCD9-E1E6F3038781.jpeg
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    Great unit! Papa Nurgle can be proud of his offspring!

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    Gutrot Spume has crossed the finish lane ;-)
    @Kallfa: I tried to apply your "rust-technique" on the axe.

    Name:  Gutrot Spume.JPG
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    Not sure, what I'm going to start next. Maybe "the Wurmspat"... let's see.
    Last edited by Graishak; 12-21-2020 at 05:07 PM.

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    Productive days prior to X-Mas :-)

    Name:  Chaos Sorcerer.JPG
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    This fella was already queued since a while on my desk.
    As I didn't like the GW nurgle sorcerer, he will get this job :-)

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    Great work on that army, You have certainly captured the spirit of Nurgle!

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    Nice production, it's fun to watch you go!

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    My wife provided a nice X-Mas gift to me:
    Name:  A10D39A4-5E5C-4727-BE1A-A817F515EF88.jpeg
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