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    [QUOTE=Kallfa;889456]This flying moon is a great idea ! And your loonshrine already have a nightmarish look. You make me want to create mine later .[/QUOTE I agree. A very haunting construct.

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    That's cool, is that an actual model or a kit bash?

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    @Eki: That's a kit bash :-) Custom stuff!
    @Kallfa, Krulebear: The haunting construct is now at 95%
    Some glazing on the crystals and blood tomorrow and we're good to go.
    Any last suggestions?

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    The shrine is done :-)

    Name:  Bad Moon Loonshrine.JPG
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    Really loved to try out the neutral crystals with the contrast colours and put some varnish on it afterwards.
    Yeah that happes, if you spend money on greenstuffworld ^^ surely not my last buy there.

    So what's next? So the hoppers are so far not on my top list... either my Stabba commando unit or Mollog.
    Will roll a die tonight to see, who is winning initiative :-)

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    Such a cool project graishak!! Great job, love the creativity. And I like how you decide what to paint next- I’d be like “ahh I’m rerolling that... nope rerolling that one... nope” lol

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    That is awesome Graishak! Love the creativity and passion you bring on!

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    @Sik and Gorb: Many thanks for the kind words. Keeps me motivated
    And Gorb is totally right - the gallery and votes over there is not a very welcoming place...
    My Loonshrine is receiving some "bad vibes"...

    The commando unit did win...
    Enclosed the boss:
    Name:  92C2B975-EC93-4729-8EC0-596CE3690D62.jpeg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 01-02-2020 at 01:42 PM.

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    Priming is finished...
    The nightmare is queued

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    Loving the recent work, long live the gobbos. Your chief looks great

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    That is a quite a few gobbos to paint up! Great job on the recent one and looking forward to you next batch.

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    Nice work Graishak, that is quite a little army you're painting!

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    Gobbo power -yesss

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    Currently doing batch painting for those guys.
    A picture will be posted, once there is enough
    progress to show.

    Meanwhile a question to the community:
    Netgitz are allowed to be added - Three of 20
    per unit. I have plenty Gobbos left for converting,
    but no net bitz. Any suggestions how such a net
    could be build custom? Your feedback is highly
    appreciated. Maybe Gorb has an idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    ...I have plenty Gobbos left for converting,
    but no net bitz. Any suggestions how such a net
    could be build custom? Your feedback is highly
    appreciated. Maybe Gorb has an idea?
    By netgitz, I presume you mean the little barbed nets that these guys can use? Sorry I don't play, so my ignorance is showing
    I'm thinking you could try and use a little bit of rough nettting, maybe stiffened with some PVA / CA glue?

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    If you want to really craft them, maybe get some of the rigging material for model ships and then use the pva/ca glue to stiffen it. Or if you have a fine fishing net you could probably cut that up, but it will probably cost more than the rigging supplies for a model ship. Although maybe one for aquariums would work

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    @Gorb: Yep exactly - sorry for my assumption, that everybody knows, what I'm talking about ^^
    I know AoS is not the most frequent played format. But your guess was right.

    @Eki: I was searching for ship materials, but was not able to find something adequate.

    A metal fly screen was it at the end - Last night I started to work on this - see below.
    Will add some more bitz to the nets for stabilization - thinking of some toothstick pieces.
    Name:  691ED635-7319-4124-BEAD-0817A52EC4A2.jpeg
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    And as this is not available in small pieces I have now a stock for the next century to build
    anything on my armies related to net ... LOL. I'm already thinking of using it for my AoP board
    2020 to do some net-bridges between the towers...
    Last edited by Graishak; 01-11-2020 at 07:40 AM.

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    sorry, but for the ship rigging material you would have had to wove your own nets (that is why I added the bit about "if you really want to craft the nets")
    I think you nets you have started with the the metal mesh look good and with some extra bits and paint will work well.
    Last edited by ekipage; 01-11-2020 at 09:40 AM.

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    The first three netgitz are ready for priming:
    Name:  CF6AB72D-B90C-46C9-B71A-B14118A19479.jpeg
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    ... and the stabbas were giving me a hard time
    during this weekend. Batch painting in progress:
    Name:  F2E93232-4016-40B3-9793-6CDCE6D76C5E.jpeg
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    Nice solution for the nets! And yeah, that's what scratchbuilders always seem to have lots of: heaps of stuff that have actual uses for other people

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    ​Nets are looking good. Can’t wait to see them painted up.

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