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    Friday night-shift. The mushroom is finished. I'm kind of proud of having this produced, as the eye-painting is free-hand and the whole thing is scratch-build.
    The name "Sauron's all seeing Mushroom" was the creative product of Eki (see above) ;-)

    Loaded to the gallery:

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    Looking good! Love the name What did you make it out of?
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    The base was a wooden plate, rocks build of Styrodur, a wooden stick as trunk , modelling clay (quit a bit) for the hat.
    The roots were made of wire, hot glue and construction adhesive (official usage for wooden floors ^^).

    I did the priming with a big brush (Acryl-colour), as the normal primes are corrosive towards the Styrodur material.
    Ah and the small mushroom was taken out of a wooden shroom deco set.

    It was fun to create that very unique thing. Especially as I'm intending to do some Eye-catching stuff for my board this
    year. Last year AoP was won here by a custom orc-spaceship, which was quite huge and very impressing. So I'd like to
    compete :-)

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    okay, thanks for the information!

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    Starting base layers with Mollog:
    Name:  428FCD38-B69F-4AF4-AFB1-07F021A0A8EB.jpeg
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    I dig Sauron's mushroom! And that's a nice start on the Mollog figure.

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    Mollog progressing...
    Name:  1DBA588A-ADBA-43A5-9D35-1AB1BAC0CAF7.jpeg
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    Great job there Graishak. I really like the blue you added on to Mollog

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    I agree with ekipage, the blue on Mollog is a good choice. Draws attention to the details and contrasts nicely with the warmer colors.

    WIP Thread

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    cool stuff, keep at it
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Trying to manage these tons of details...
    Name:  2E5F0CAA-B091-4817-8708-5E26DF3E3903.jpeg
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    You are doing a great job of it though! Mollog is looking great

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    This is coming along quite nicely, the highlighting on the blue parts is exceptional.

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    Mollog is looking really good mate... really nice work

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    Like seeing the progress on this guy. A lot to paint there! Do you enjoy doing the more repetitive sections, like those blue shoulder bumps or all the round growths (?) on the club? Sorry I don't know the proper names of anything

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    Thanks for the kind words Always trying to improve my painting, while dealing with the next project.

    @DChan: Honestly I like most to work on the mushrooms on this mini, but the whole design is just nice and I'm enjoying to use some vibrant colours, as this is
    allowed to use for Gloomspite forces.

    @Chaotic: Long while no see. You took a break?

    Here's the latest progress. I'm at 80% so to say. Potentially Sunday I could be done with it.

    Name:  5FD424B4-36E8-49EA-ADA0-70C8924B3ECB.jpeg
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    By the way... big things are coming up... I ordered the Gloomspite special at ForgeWorld. So my UK import is expected to arrive soon :-)
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    Omg, that is extremely well done, congratulations. The colors used and the paint job in general plus the look of the model is just too awesome for words really.

    Nice keep it up.

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    @Hairster: Thanks :-)
    @Clouds: Thank you so much, feeling flattered!

    Kept my virtual deadline. Sunday late shift end... Mollog is ready to rumble.

    For those who would like to leave a vote and/or comment:

    Name:  Mollog small.jpg
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