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    Holy shit Batman that’s gonna be a great board!!!!

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    Hi guys, thanks for the comments on my WIP board.
    Last week I was at my local GW store and got notified, that AoP 2021 will
    most probably not happen due to Covid-19 ...
    Seems like I need to stock those pieces and grab them for 2022.
    Therefore I decided to do a break on the board and took an Ironjawz warchanter
    from the shelf, which I‘m now working on:

    Name:  971EC73D-DD77-4DDC-86A7-D3588D7AADBD.jpeg
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    Regardless of the competition, there’s enough in the pipe to be worked on.
    @all: Stay safe and healthy!

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    Warchanter in progress.

    Name:  00B1A3C6-AA4D-454D-97FF-E0A1C5EE94F4.jpeg
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    Thanks Chris. Tried to apply a bit of contrast colour in addition to my standard selection.

    The fella is finished:

    Name:  Warchanter_Small.jpg
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    Now I need to think about, what could be next. Two Fellwater Troggots are still waiting for me.... let's see.

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    Deep contrast -very effective

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    Another guy sitting too long on my desk.... it’s time

    Name:  D4962E73-C425-4D4E-9189-0E966B216880.jpeg
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    Nice work, loving the skin tone contrast.

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    Good to see you're as productive as ever Graishak! That board looks really awesome and has your distinct paint style too. The greenskins you're painting look great and it looks like you've improved as a painter since I was last on here

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    Thanks guys
    @Kuribo: Welcome back, a while ago since a read something from you.
    Happy to read, that you’re recognizing improvements

    I’m close to the finish lane with the Gobbo King:
    Name:  BEF2FD39-9A06-4A29-81AD-4E3B7C1DD3EE.jpeg
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Size:  104.8 KBName:  28822E14-7501-4F0F-8BFC-38B0D78C66DC.jpeg
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    I'm in envy of how fast you paint and still keep the paint job tidy. The skin on that Warchanter pops so well next to the rest of it.

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    @Fligg: Thanks a lot :-) I don't feel, that I'm very fast, but trying to do some stuff continuously.
    @Gorb: Thank you. Tried to set a new aspect with white dots instead of black - seems it worked out.

    Here we go - The General is ready to influence the bad moon for my Gloomspite forces:

    Name:  Skagrott the Loonking.JPG
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    I like the latest addition to your band of crazy goblins!

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    THe golbin king is really really nice. Great job!

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    Hi all,
    thanks for the kind words. The goblin band is getting more and more progress.
    Recently I decided to get rid of my Nighthaunts.
    So I'm sticking to a) Ironjawz, b) Gloomspite Gitz and c) Vampire courts
    One slot is free... now I'm kind of undecided if I should go for Indoneth Deepkins or Maggotkins of Nurgle.
    Both have a nice design... feels like Nurgle might be a stronger pick from a gaming point of perspective.
    What do you think?

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    Voted and commented! He looks great and it is another reminder of your growth as a painter. In terms of a new army, either one would be different than the armies you already have. I'd say paint whichever one excites you most both from a painting and gaming perspective. That will hopefully carry you through the army

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    Loon King looks great! As for Idoneth or Maggotkins, don't play so I can't help you there, but other than some of the larger pieces, I like the Maggotkin better than the Idoneth (but that doesn't really help if you want to play them). So I would have to agree with Kuribo and go with which one you prefer.

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