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    nice work, expectantly awaiting the vampires! Not sure if you did or planned on it, but a gloss coat over the blood cauldron would look pretty good.

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    The Coven Throne is really shaping up nicely, Graishak! I'm a bit jealous as that is one I want to paint and just don't have time with all of the gaming pieces I already having in my queue. You're making me want to paint one again though because yours is looking seriously awesome. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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    Looks good man, got much to go on the board?

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    First Lady done. Two more left.
    Rest of Throne and 3 more guards left open for the board.
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    I really like the color you went with for the dress!

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    She looks way to comfortable round all this bachelor skeletons!!! But gr8 paint my friend.

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    Thanks guys. Did some rework on the skin.
    Now two Ladies ready. The last one to come...

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    The night shift ends ... with a finished Coven Throne:

    Feel free to leave a vote or comment or both :-)

    @Eki: Glaze has been added to the blood bowl!

    Proudly presenting:
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    Now the last pieces are my 3 missing warriors of the Sepulchral Guard and their "graveyard base".
    Stay tuned ^^

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    nice one. well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Nice work Graishak! This is a huge project, and your end result looks great!

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    Great job on this Graishak! Only one thing I would really critique is that one eye (on the lady in blue) looks a bit strange, but other than that, very well done!

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    Eki, you’re totally right. I was suffering while
    painting the eyes, especially the blue lady.
    I did it multiple times... maybe I find a moment
    with a slow hand and give it another try.

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    Well done finishing this Graishak, you've done a grand job. What a project, love the colours

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    The last missing unit for AoP 2019 is done.
    Sepulchral Guard is online:

    I enjoyed doing the "graveyard base" for this. Would love to have some comments from our terrain Guru St. Toad on this one.
    A very nice unit, much more individual than the standard skeleton warriors...

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    I really like the Sepruchal Guard dio you did Graishak! Maybe one this is where you were going to place the bases don't put any stone so that they will fit flush with the diorama base and maybe use some of the same colors you used for the mini bases to tint the dio base so they match more. Oh, and the Green Lantern would never be a part of the evil undead

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    Thanks Eki. Good hint regarding the "fundaments" for bases. Will try that out on the next dio.
    The intention on my Guard base was, to make usage of it on gaming... as this graveyard might be chosen for some Skirmish matches (at least I count on this).
    My former "mountain lake" terrain is currently one of the most popular terrain pieces, as it got some water on it.

    And... appreciated you captured the lantern easter egg. The Star Wars Rebels is next to it ^^.
    I'm currently revamping an older skelton unit, thinking about providing them all some super-hero symbols onto the shields.

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    Hey bud, great looking unit. You’ve really been cranking out the pieces lately (something I’ve not been doing!).
    As far as the basing goes, I’ll continue on from what Eki said. I assume the bases are pre-textured, since they don’t match the gravel you’ve used on the display base. If that’s so, I’d carry the gravel up onto the bases themselves to unify the piece. You can leave all the cool skeletons, skulls, tombstones, etc exposed, but it will prevent the different textures from breaking up the scene.
    Then, about the gravel: I think it’s too uniform and doesn’t read as natural to my eye. I overwhelmingly prefer dirt for earth surfacing. It’s irregular, it’s fine, and it has all sorts of little rocks in it that you can pick out with grey to create a nice varied surface. I’ve got a tutorial for my basic technique here.
    Finally, I’d hit that static grass with some thin washes to dull them down a bit and tie them into the base. I’d also apply it more in larger zones of varying size, as that’s more like it grows naturally.
    Hopefully there are a few tips & ideas that you can apply next time. I definitely want to see you doing more of this sort of thing. As you no doubt know I love basing (even without figures!) and think a cool scene like yours really turns a model into a character. Keep up the great work!

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    Graishak, okay if you are making it as more a game table piece than for diorama display then you could do without leaving the areas for the bases to kind of fit into. But ST gave you some great advice and look forward to seeing if you make any changes

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    nice work on the grave yard scene, really good colour scheme I like it.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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