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    This looks great Graishak!
    The skeletons look great, especially their shields, and I like what you did for the main base.

    I do agree with StToad and Ekipage: the skeletons have different "base texture" than the large base.
    If you feel strongly about it, maybe scatter some of the same gravel onto the skeleton bases to blend them in.
    But I don't think you have to, they look great as-is!

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    Hi guys,

    thanks for the feedback. Highly appreciated. As I don't wanna risk making the sepulchral guard worse, due to experiments, I decided not to change the bases there, but...
    ... the dio-base was kind of too "regular", got this one.
    Inspired by the tutorial (thanks Toad ;-) ) I have been working on a small terrain, which will be as well part of my AoP board.
    Using all the different gravels I found on my toolbox to give it a more natural look. see below. Once dried, I will try the further steps and I won't be picky in using more static grass
    to show natural growth. Motivation is high - further progress soon!

    Name:  IMG_1063.jpg
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    Mate that looks ace, starting to look at my AOP and not sure if I'm going to make it but it should be fun regardless

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    Little update. Priming and base colour done:
    Name:  645E7946-F152-4109-87CE-E1769D75DFBC.jpeg
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    Nice work bud.

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    This was fun :-)
    Based on St. Toad's tutorial I tried to get something setup, added some bitz to bring some flavor onto the scene.
    The leaves are build ouf of a coffee filter, which I inked with several colours (read that as well here in the forum).

    Name:  Small Terrain.jpg
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    Now I will be focussing on the "revamp" skeletons, which should surround this (at least 5)...

    For sure loaded to the gallery:

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    Great job on the base! What did you use for the ferns? I really like those

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    Thanks Eki. The ferns were pre-constructed, had those left in my toolbox, once I was searching for mushrooms on a former spider-project.
    Name:  Ferns.JPG
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    hmm, can't find that kit in the US. Curious what shipping charges would be if they would send it...

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    hmm, can't find that kit in the US. Curious what shipping charges would be if they would send it...nope, not paying about 6 euro and then 20 euro shipping for it. I think I will look at some of the metal leaf ferns

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    Last minute work: Revamping 5 Skeleton warriors for AoP
    Name:  5C21BBF7-CA20-4E1B-AFF5-BAED262A55C3.jpg
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    1/5 done

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    Yessir AoP it’s that time of year again!!!

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    Best of luck at AoP Graishak! With the anarchy symbol on the one shield, you should paint "Never Mind the Bullocks" on the horn (the instrument) of that skeleton

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    LoL Eki, I guess that Sex pistols song is too texty to be put on the horn.
    If I have a slow hand I will try something like:
    Punk = Dead

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    Okay, then you could just do SO36

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    oh, now you are getting adventurous! Looking forward to seeing this dio built!

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    After AoP. Currently on vacation (where I took this picture).
    Once back, that skellys wait for me, but afterwards the dio
    is next. There‘s just not enough time to work on all the things,
    which are in queue... this hobby counts like a neverending
    story... , but that’s what it is about humm?

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    Now that looks like an epic and ambitious project! Excited to see it develop

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