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    Hi both,

    thanks for the feedback :-)
    @Guawol: Yep, these are going to be the nurgle specific terrain items, which are spawning based on several rules during the game (depending on units and/or infection points).

    The Mausoleum is done:

    Name:  Nurgle Mausoleum.JPG
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    I started already preparing my brushes for the next nurgle beast. Stay tuned :-)

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    The mausoleum turned out great. With the off green to blue-grey of the stones, the grimness of its place in the natural world comes through quite well.

    Can I ask how you made the bricks? Is it just greenstuff/modelling clay? I'm guessing you didn't use a mold, or else they wouldn't have come out as irregularly shaped.

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    @Figg: Thanks a lot :-)
    Oh those bricks were not scratch-built ^^ I bought these, washed them and assembled it with some instant cement.
    Name:  IMG_2907.JPG
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    Your productivity always amaze me ! The mausoleum looks really great. well done.

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    @Dexter: Thanks :-) With all that piles of undone things at my desk I feel like not progressing. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Yeah... this weekend I've been asked by my gaming buddy, whether we can do the next game. So I detected, that I've been missing to get a sorcerer together.
    I didn't like the GW mini, so I decided to do some kit-bashing. Here's the result:

    Name:  Nurgle Sorcerer.JPG
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