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    Default Graishak WIP

    Hi folks,

    following the recommendation of Chaotic Creations, I'm launching my own WIP thread and hope to gather
    valuable feedback regarding the project I'm now intending to start.

    Raw material (see picture)

    - An old black coach (missing wraith and coffin)
    - Neferata Mini
    - An old wraith
    - A big base

    Thinking about to design the base like the coach is on its way on a street, framed by smaller rocks.
    Once the base is finished I'll send you an update.

    Any ideas about the color scheme to be used?
    The coach is black for sure, but what about Neferata and the Wraith. What could be most spooky?
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    Glad to see you starting a wip. Now inspire me to finish mine that has been on my paint desk since it was originally released...15 years ago or so???

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    @Krulebear: Wow... that's a long time. Well, will try to motivate you by showing progress of my project.
    Problem, since I started again playing warhammer, that there are so many nice minis out there and so few time to paint them. Therefore unpainted forces are staring at me from my desk complaining "Why the coach? Why not me?" :-P

    @Marcus: Cleansing is done... there was only few colour besides the basic layer on the coach - and some dust + glue rests needed to be removed. As CMON is my "google" I've already searched for a couple of examples. Anyhow... as with Neferata a nice conversion is coming along will make some more thoughts... Could imagine to do the stuff things in a purple blue combination, while keeping the coach black.
    Last edited by Graishak; 01-10-2018 at 02:51 PM.

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    Hey, great work on starting the WIP Alex
    well my first bit of advice would be to dismantle that carriage and strip the paint off it... acetone works a treat (assuming it is metal) or if plastic dettol or simple green works well, BEWARE don’t put it in acetone if it is plastic ... this will help with a clean new start and prevent you from losing any detail. Then you can reassemble it (possibly without the roof so you can paint inside, or paint the inside and put it all together))...
    As for the colour scheme it all depends on how you want the end piece to look, I’ve seen heaps of these done different ways... personally I really like the ones with the ghostly look (ghost horse etc) ... but really paint it however you like... it’s your piece of art
    i recommend searching google and find an idea you like and try to create something similar... so if you see something you like but not sure how to do it, then you can ask on here how to do it, because there are some phenomenal painters who frequent these forums, and I’m sure someone will be able to give you a bit of guidance on how to do that technique...
    Looking forward to seeing how this all comes together !!!

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    Base is Ready for painting :-)
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    Base is now designed and I can move focus to the coach. Will start with the steeds.
    Feedback on the base? Did I miss something - or any advice what could be improved?
    Name:  IMG_4498.jpg
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    Looking good mate

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    Oh yeah... it's really fun to see the army growing and to bring them onto the tabletop. I always need to dicipline myself not to by more... there are hordes waiting to be constructed, converted and painted.
    But primarily I enjoy the painting. Having a good game each 6 weeks is fun, too ... but painting is such a cool thing to calm down and relax.

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    Hey Alex, so sorry mate, just looking back through the threads and realised I didn’t leave a reply to your question. Hey definitely a decent attempt at freehand work. The first thing I can notice is the paint was way too thick on application, as with all painting you should build up a lot of thin layers instead of going in with thick coats to get the coverage.
    So to get a really great look you have to blend the colours into shades and up to the highlights to give it that realistic feel.
    Freehand is really just classical painting in 2D, although at a really small scale which makes it a bit more difficult. I would say if this is something you would like to master, just do a lot of practice, not necessarily on minis, just on a piece of paper, or even better prime a ice cream container lid etc so you can work on a medium which will be the same as the surface of a mini.
    As for sketching onto a mini, I normally outline it in with a rather thin ink first as to not leave any brush strokes or texture, and this can be easily painted over if the lines aren’t too straight to start with.
    Anyways mate, just keep practicing and you will learn a little more every time you try. Keep up the good work.

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    Default New project in progress blood knights

    Name:  81111494-4BD5-4E6E-876A-44D3571E91E8.jpg
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    3 already finished, 2 in painting, all others to be finally coverted...
    Color scheme: Red, like in the army book... but couldn’t resisi to
    add some purple elements.

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    You do some very good work on your playing models- must be fun adding unit after unit and seeing your army and legion beef up little by little.

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    Can we get a close up of the dude with a brazier on his head? He looks really well painted.

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    Name:  IMG_4730.JPG
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    With pleasure :-) So far it is the only guy, who is already in my gallery :-)

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    Looking good... off to a good start!!!

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    End of today's night shiftName:  005 WIP a.jpg
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    A sunday afternoon intermezzo... Grimgork Ironhide
    Name:  Grimgork.JPG
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    Published as well to my gallery:
    Last edited by Graishak; 01-14-2018 at 11:18 AM.

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    welcome to the madness, nice start on the coach, the base looks reet good. like the orc to very good metallics

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    Nice base on the coach. The purple accents will look good on it.

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    This is coming along quite nicely mate and moving along at a great pace...
    i have to say, I haven’t seen this style of painting in a really long time, a long time (I feel like obi wan kenobi saying that ) ... didn’t know people were still painting like this... by this style I mean using the black undercoat as a shade (kind of a pre painted black line as such)... this is how I was shown to paint minis about 25 years ago, a very old school technique... don’t get me wrong it is a very effective technique when performed correctly, although it requires very straight lines when painting and/or some really smooth blending out of the black... I’m very interested to see how this progresses as I’m filled with nostalgia watching your painting style!!!

    by they way, I do actually have that neferata model tucked away in a box on my painting desk, so if you would like to see how I would tackle any part of it let me know and I will gladly help out where I can good job so far and keep up the great work!!!

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    Sounds like a new Nickname for you - Obi Wan :-)
    Was talking to the guys in the GW shop about more current techniques... as I'm preferring to use brushes instead of airbrushing - the old school seemed to me still most efficient (as long as the minis should come into a darker scheme - which totally applies to Death and Destruction - which I'm playing). You're absolutely right... smooth hands producing straight lines are important... not every day that works out for me.
    Will keep you posted on progress. As I need to do a business trip at 28th of Jan - I'd really like to finalize the coach prior to that - let's see how far I will come - Otherwise there will be a break of two weeks *sniff*
    Thanks for the offer on Neferata. Any good advice for the ornaments on her cloak/skirt?
    Talking about these pieces Name:  cloak.JPG
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Size:  16.7 KB Thinking about designing it either purple or blue in gem-style... but not yet sure...

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