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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Done, following your advice Gorb (less vibrant)

    Name:  Vlad.JPG
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    Man this looks great!

    I like him a lot, the complimentary colors work super well together, with the bright cloak triangle shape focusing on his face.
    I like that almost everything below his belt is a darker tone than everything above his belt, that focuses on the face even more.
    And the subtle coloring of the sword is a super cool idea, bringing both of the colors used in the figure into it.
    The face looks great too. I think you only have a red glint in his eyes, don't you?
    The background of the photograph is also way more forgiving.

    All in all, well done!

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    Thanks for the kind feedback Gorb! Appreciate it.

    The last three evenings I spent in converting my fourth batch of Blightkings.
    The banner will deliver an area for a flat freehand exercise.

    Name:  60689E30-F8C1-474F-8F28-9A9B695C9823.jpeg
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    Great stuff you have going on here Graishak! Your last vampire looks really good, like the colors you chose and can't wait to see the freehand on the banner

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    How don’t se these beauties every day

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    Banner drafts...
    I‘m tending to take the snake, as it might be more thankful
    to paint (green colours) and will forgive small line errors.
    What do you think?

    Name:  80A46FB6-8383-4A33-9486-A6B9667FC732.jpeg
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    Getting started...
    Name:  76A1B70F-78C2-459E-83B0-676F33988740.jpeg
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    That is a nice surface to paint on, keep going! I want to see what this looks like!

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    Thanks guys :-)
    The mini is now finalized... now I'm facing high pressure to keep the level for the remaining unit ^^

    Name:  Putrid Blightking Flagbearer_small.jpg
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    Nice work there Graishak! Freehand on the banner looks great and I really like the colors you used on the top of that banner pole part

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    Inspired by Gorb, who is doing custom sculpts of movie Characters, I‘ve done a kitbash project:

    Name:  3F16E4F5-C7A9-49A7-9AFD-3D8B284A3769.jpeg
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    It is the Esphenie queen, shown in the finals of „Falling Skies“:
    Name:  8C039814-C1DE-452D-9B35-1B35CF70DA83.jpeg
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    I primed her today at noontime.

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    Great collaberation guys

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    Progessing. It’s interesting to do such a project
    with only minor blueprints.

    Name:  EF30C47A-50A5-4195-B41D-CD208F7B7A32.jpeg
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    Nice job on that banner my friend, I think the whole thing looks great!

    And the Queen sculpt looks awesome! Nice work on the kitbash. I don't know the character, but a quick google shows you are doing a great job.

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    Thanks Gorb.
    Update on the Queen. Getting closer to the finish

    Name:  14D5248E-A722-4C0A-B28E-5955009C6785.jpeg
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