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    Good job on this goblins!

    But you should know this is just the beginning a long and bori..., I mean beautiful journey, I can see a lot of goblin in your path before you have a full army!

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    Many thanks for your kind words.

    @Lemming: I know what you mean... Did already 30+ spider riders... which were as well a "beautiful" journey.
    30 More Stabbas are waiting. But before going ahead with those guys my Nighthaunt forces will be back in focus.

    After the project is before the project...
    Here the next WIP:
    Name:  49C13E67-4462-470B-8D2A-1362E10C4A4C.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeebs View Post
    Helluva job you’ve done on this massive project!
    What are some of the high points that you’d had during this process? What were the most useful things you learned? What would you have done differently, if you were to take this on again?

    They look fantastic!
    Thanks Beebs ;-)
    High points:
    -Receiving motivation from you guys here
    -Happy having found the right size to do batch painting (7 minis)
    -At the end: So happy that we're done... seemed partially an "endless thing"
    -Skittles colourscheme rocks ^^

    Lessons learned:
    - Doing a more critical check on mold lines (there are more, than you'd expect)
    - Starting with brushing the base first, avoids a lot corrective works

    And... I'm going to do it again, but not immedeately now.
    There are 30 Stabbas waiting for care-taking. So we could launch a part 2 "return of the skittles" *harhar*

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    Little update on the Vortex ))

    Name:  5766577D-0AEE-47B8-A43A-695ED4A2486E.jpeg
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    Cool looking magic tornado thing! I’d be tempted to add some fluorescents to the magic vortex.

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    This morning I finalized the Vortex piece. Tried to add fluorscenting look by using shining green and diluted yellow colour on the Tornado part.
    Below some picutres with details + Heinrich Kemmler on his new "base" :-)
    Name:  Balewind Vortex.JPG
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Size:  151.8 KBName:  IMG_0299.JPG
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    For sure - loaded to the gallery ^^
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Graishak, I'm so proud to be on one of your goblins! Major kudos to you for seeing through that mammoth task of painting so many gobbos at once! I didn't envy you but I am impressed by it!!!

    This newest terrain piece looks really nice and the sickly green is perfect for that evil necromancer! It always a pleasure to stop by your thread and see so much high quality work happening!

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    Thanks Kuribo!

    Terrain project started for 2019s AoP:
    Name:  CD546FEA-09A7-4AFF-A026-641ED70067B1.jpg
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    Oh dang! Nice start on the terrain piece.

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    The magicc tornado is an interesting piece.

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    Progressing. Tomorrow black colour will be added...
    Name:  C3EEE764-6D88-4742-B13A-D85E3903F888.jpg
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    Ready for the next level:
    Name:  980888D3-6559-4765-A690-154350567BA6.jpg
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    Lovely terrain mate.

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    ​Sweet old school terrain!

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    what the heck? The way you knocked out those gobos I thought this would be done already! Looking forward to seeing how you paint this up. You going to use it with your Gobos or do you have it planned for something else?

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    Yeah... no big progress, due to a business trip.
    Now moving forward.
    @Eki: That will be the main terrain for my Armies on Parade
    this year. Nighthaunt
    Name:  1E857DEA-5F92-4610-9252-35FC4426073C.jpg
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    Done! Night shift is ending now :-)
    What's next? Population of this terrain...
    Name:  IMG_0420.jpg
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Size:  1.74 MBName:  IMG_0425.jpg
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    Nice job Graishak! Can't wait to see the wraiths you paint up for this

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    Great project you've got going on here! It's gonna be cool to see the models on it to complete the portrait!

    Keep it coming!

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