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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Here are, recently primed, the first candidates:

    Name:  AE5870BC-B6BD-4126-B61F-E8498F26CA35.jpg
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    Besides those three the Knight of Shrouds on Steed is as well in the pipe.
    Started today some brushing... probably he goes first.
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    Little update, the knight is in progress:
    Name:  4BBDE152-61E1-4076-A8EE-0A50D2959E0A.jpg
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    Nice progress Graishak, looking good

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    ​Looking cool. I like that blue.

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    90%... tending to finish this fella tomorrow!
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    The knight is done! Now the other three primed ones are queued :-)

    Wanna leave a vote?
    Loaded to gallery:

    Name:  Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed.JPG
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    My daughter was asking for a skeleton-spiderrider.
    Conversion is ready... picture was taken prior to
    Name:  AFC16422-096F-4870-9658-CA5BFC2ED43C.jpeg
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    Interesting conversion, A SKELETON-SPIDER-RIDER!
    This is my gallery

    Really thx for your votes&comments!

    And this is my WIP

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    You might as well stop painting, I think your daughter is more talented! Seriously though, good job introducing her to the hobby,

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    Voted and commented! Really nice work on the mounted Nighthaunt guy. I really like the colors you selected for him. Seeing a skeleton riding a spider is pretty darn cool. I agree with Eki, you're raising her well

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    Thanks guys. I notified little Marie, she appreciated.

    Back on track for my Nighthaunts.
    This mini is currently giving me a hard time:
    Name:  4868225F-7FC6-4B23-AC61-BE9FCB802642.jpeg
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    My first Dreadskythe Harridan is finished... What do you think?
    Name:  Dreadscythe Harridan.JPG
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    Overall I like it, but something is bugging me about the purple cloak/ghost cloth bit. I really do like the hair/flowers and skull part though

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    Agree with eki....maybe the underside should be darker? I like the gradient on the back, along with the contrast with the upper part of the cloak, just think there should be more shade on the frontal section.

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    Thanks for the feedback. So my gut feeling is confirmed.
    Will work on some more shading at the front and to make
    the lower site darker. Will drop you a pic after changing.

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    I like the effect you created, and the blending is nice. Letting the cloth / tendrils / whatever they are lose saturation from the pink to the white is great.
    However, it does mean the area at the base of the mini is brighter than even the skull, which is an off-white from what I can see.
    Looking forward to what you've decided to do with it!

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    Update: Added more shades to the purple front.
    Made the white part a bit darker and added shade.
    Name:  9161593B-5631-415D-80B1-908749B20695.jpeg
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    Your daughter is going to blow you out of the water in which you breathe/ lolol great job . Save that and make a collection this way when she works for the all famous eavy metal team. She can see where she first ahowed signs of becoming a major name in the painting community.

    and the harridan kicks ass- so far it’s simple yet excellent technique is really having me want to see further stages of progress.

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