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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    I like what you did with the shading! Just that bit of contrast makes it look great

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    Recently I bought a gargant on eBay...

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    ... and thought this gentleman needs some maintenance!
    Name:  72129192-307C-4333-937D-8D4DCD232D16.jpg
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    Enjoyed to do the conversion.
    Bow he is in the to be painted queue.

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    That shading really made it look better. You just love those giants don't you! The kitbash shoulder looks a little off (especially the left arm one -or right side of picture because of the big gap) But Otherwise it looks really nice
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    Thanks Eki. Yep, 2 Giants in the army are really a good backbone for those low-skilled Gobbos :-)
    Good feedback - well received - going to work on a shoulder armor upgrade, stay tuned.

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    Update on the armor. Added some orc weapons plus filling.
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    Little update on my Nighthaunts.
    For the next Skirmish match there is
    one reaper left in the pipe...

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    Those giant sculpts are classic and I like the conversion you've put together. It will be cool to see how he turns out. Lots of skin tones to practice painting on that guy Its also cool to see more progress on the Nighthaunt. I never get tired of seeing you work on them!

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    I like that rapid transition from light to dark on that nighthaunt. Not easy!

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    Nice painting - I agree with toad.

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    I really like the colors you have on that latest Night Haunt! Well done Graishak. When are you going to get that Giant painted up? Looking forward to what you do with him.

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    @Eki: After finishing my due's for the next skirmish match, I'm now motivated to provide my attention to the converted Giant. So stay tuned... WIP will be posted soon :-)

    @all: Many thanks for the kind words. The latest finished one is now the Reaper mini... and I've tried here to improve a bit edge highlighting (to my mind with some success).
    As for each of those guys - 9 siblings are waiting in the box... there is enough material for further training!!!

    Enclosed the three guys:

    Name:  Nighthaunt Champions.JPG
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    These look great Graishak! I also like the colors you have, some nice contrast esp. on the latest one.

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    Nice work on the trio! I missed that one with the purple trim before, great job!

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    Gargant started...

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    Voted and commented on the Nighthaunt. Really nice work on the trio, Graishak! If you're up for it, you might consider glazing this giant's skin to practice a new skill and make the skin look more lifelike. Of course, if you want to get him done quickly, I don't necessarily recommend glazing such a huge model but that was what helped me get my trolls looking halfway decent so I thought I'd mention it. Keep the updates coming, my friend!

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    Lotsa conversion going on here impressive.

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    The Nighthaunts look really good. I especially like the blue on the smoky tendrils.

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    Nice start on the Giant, the shoulder pads look really nice with some paint on them

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