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    Looks a disgusting "truffle shuffle". Keep it coming!

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    Great job at giving this gargant a new life, keep painting and don't stop!

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    Little update on the Gargant

    @all: Many thanks for the compliments on my conversion. It keeps me motivated to do more stuff like this :-)

    @Kuribo: You mean by glazing using the "washes", which are available by GW? Because those I'm already using.
    The current skin tone came from:
    Mournfang brown, Brushing some Elysian Green, Shading Seraphim Sepia, Applying very diluted Dwarf flesh, Shading Reikland Fleshshade.
    That's where I am now... wanted to finalize this with some Elf flesh and adding some shading Nuln oil to some deeper parts.

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    Great progress on that Gargant, he's starting to look pretty cool

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    Good work Graishak,that angry lad is coming along nicely

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    It’s been a while since my last post. Hot summer is keeping
    me away from brushing. Tonight I did some Gargant work.
    Still a lot to do, but wanted to share some progress...
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    Hellish -/ incredible work mate!!! The conversion makes you the only individual on earth that has this.

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    Yeah, he is unique Graishak, and looking very good. I like the way you painted the reddish armor, contrasting with the darker blueish bandages. Oh, and the dirty toenails

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    Getting closer...

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    Sorry for my slow response, Graishak! No, glazing doesn't require anything other than the paints you already own. It is just a matter of watering down the paint a lot. Like maybe one part paint to have 5 or 9 parts water and then using that very thin paint in a lot of layers to shade and highlight. On a model this big, it would take a pretty long time (possibly a month or two) to make it look really good so probably not worth the effort if you're looking for a tabletop standard or want to get the project done quickly. If you ever want to paint for higher than tabletop or display-level, this technique is a must and would be great for you to learn. There are lots of Youtube videos out there about it if you want to learn more.

    With all that said, this is one mean and evil looking giant. He's really coming along and its not taking you long at all to tackle this big boy. Keep up the great work!

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    Nice work on the Giant! The armor you added looks great on this all painted up.

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    Last update prior to vacation:

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    The grinny guy is ready for action. After a 10 days break (Greece beaches), I'm back

    Gargant #2 is done:

    Name:  Gargant #2.JPG
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    As time was too short in order to prepare something for the golden demon, I'm going to skip that competition and focus now on my AoP board.
    During my vacation a nice idea was popping up, bringing my favorite evil character onto the tabletop. I've already ordered some pieces... stay tuned ;-)

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    Great conversion & excellent choice of beaches. Can’t wait to see your inspired next project. Glad the Muse was whispering in your ear as you soaked up the sunshine!

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    Nice work on this guy, the conversions you added look great on it!

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    Nice work mate... some really lovely features you have added to this figure.

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    My latest project inspired on holiday:

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    This is a really creative new project and I think it will be one of your best yet. Take your time painting it and enjoy the process. I can't wait to see your progress with it

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    Thanks Kuribo
    Priming is done. Painting will start tomorrow.
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    Good work good sir! Keep em coming!

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