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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Progressing on Zarbag's gitz.
    Meanwhile loaded the squigis onto the gallery:

    Current state of the gang:
    Name:  IMG_7736.jpg
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    Man you been blitzing the painting in my absence! I got some serious catching up to do, those squigs are sweet!

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    My five years old daughter is teaching me new color schemes
    Name:  6BBF9E34-C99D-49EB-8C55-9BF5DA24CBC6.jpg
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    Hate to tell you this, but I think your daughter is a better painter!

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    She has a better eye for color than I do!

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    Zarbags Gang growing. Three left...

    Name:  BC15CD15-9732-4F61-9856-0873C93B2F56.jpeg
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    Looking good, Graishak. I love the mushroom cap on the one gobbo!

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    7/9, last two in progress ...
    Name:  B893C10B-022D-4435-8114-B43CB2C804B1.jpg
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    Good work, loving these squigs too. We'll have this crew finished in no time mate!

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    The gang is complete and loaded to my gallery.
    Feel free to do a vote or drop a naughty comment :-P

    Here the pic in high quality. Thanks to uncle BaM for the hint with PhotoScape... Easy to work with and providing nice results!

    Name:  Zarbags Gitz.jpg
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    The next project will provide lot of area to be painted: Aleguzzler Gargant
    Going to assemble that Monster later this weekend.

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    Anytime my friend-great job on this group!!!

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    Outrageous colours Graishak, wonderful work. You've done a great job on these

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    Gitz Support on the way...
    Name:  994A112E-C340-4527-818B-A3640A75BE66.jpeg
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    Spent >half an hour on removing mold lines.
    But there are still some Grrrrtt
    Last edited by Graishak; 03-10-2019 at 07:31 AM.

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    That's gonna be awesome when you're done. What have you got planned for it? Where are you at on it; give us an update!

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    Wasn’t very productive the last days.
    Small update:
    Name:  1B1CCADE-85EA-44D5-B463-584163C38CDB.jpeg
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    Gargant in further Progress...Name:  5BDCBF9B-E65B-4B26-978C-DD94DF90FF2A.jpg
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    Great start on this, it is a good looking model. Lots of texture there...

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    Seeing that gargant reminds me that I must chase up GW for the fee they owe me for when I body modelled for this sculpt. They're trying to get out of paying on a technicality because they had to pay someone else to pose for the cod piece. The legal case hinges on their claim that I didn't meet the 'heroic scale' requirement stated in the contract. My legal council has told has advised I answer "no comment" pending the judges decision, I'd already decided much the same. Uncanny to see you've also replicated the same ingrained grime for which I am renown.

    Kidding aside, great progress and those filthy skin tones are extremely realistic, stick a pair of glasses on his face and I could use take a screen grab for my passport photo!

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    Thanks Gorb and Doc...
    Totally correct... there are tons of textures waiting for some attention and the filthy skin waits for two more edge colors. I was in the intention to show a big dirty guy.
    On the GW carton he looks like a baby skinned giant, who just came out of the bath, not very true for those fellas ^^.

    And LOL... your statement Doc triggered a big giggle.
    If my Gargant is on the tabletop I'll introduce him with the words "You might not know, that I've been in touch with the guy who modelled for this sculpt" :-D

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    Looks really good. I look forward to seeing the end result.

    Keep it coming!

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