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    Voted and commented my friend, this is an awesome piece! I really love what you did with the skin, teeth and the eyes.

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    Thanks Gorb, highly appreciated!

    I took immediately the remaining bitz and assembled
    the third custom beast:
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    @Graishak That is one dope looking conversion. I can't wait to see what you do with it. If I include beasts in my army, I'll likely do something similar. The minis GW provide for beasts of Nurgle don't cut it. I mean seriously, did they ask Pixar to design them?

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    @Graishak Ok, apparently I lied, lol. I was digging through one of my tool kits, organizing stuff this morning, and came across a Drukhari unit I had started to apply the technique I described. Pay particular attention to the greave, because that's closer to what it should look like. The citadel brushes are crap, so I'll have to rework this with the Kolinski brushes, but I'll also be doing one more thin line of white on the edges of the green, also I just remember the colors are more of a drybrush technique. The idea is to get a little bit of a wavy effect, and not so consistent. After the layers are set, you go back in with the base to shape it as desired (in this case black), and then wash over with a glaze to finish it off.

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    @eateroflives: Understood, what you‘re intending to show. Will give it a try on
    a larger mini, as small eyes might not be the best first thing to practice
    Indeed Citadel brushes are crap! At least the newer batches... I bought old dry brushes
    and have those for usage. Anything else on my toolkit are non GW brushes.

    Prior to start with beast number three... I started working on a plague toad and I‘m
    already close to get it finalized:
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    Looking good. I really like the color scheme on the toad. Sets well against the plaguebearer.

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    Thanks :-)
    The Toad is done - 2 more to handle (you never get out of work in this hobby *harhar*):

    Name:  Plague Toad #1.JPG
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    What's next? hmmm... let's see...

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    Praise to Papa Nurgle! Yeah, I wish I had more time to put into it, but I still manage to get things done. Very slowly...

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    Nurgle unit have definitely evolved since I last played WH40K. I like how you are keeping the green tones even when moving to other color ranges like the blue for the toads.

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    Thanks guys! I took now the biggest challenge: El Papa!!!
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    Those Plague Toads are looking really good. They would look good set further down into resin water with elongated teeth and a bioluminescent blob on a stalk like angler fish. Don’t know what made me think of that when I saw them.

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    @bullfrog: The "bioluminescent blob" is an awesome idea... I'll grab this up for one of the two toads left. Some wire and resin-crystal will be my "raw's".
    And I detected you guys are thinking they're three... It's just three pic's of the same mini from different perspectives. #2 + #3 are "to be assembled"
    Once Papa Nurgle is finished, those will be on "to-do". Angler fish will go first :-)

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    I would probably never finish that piece, respect!

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    Looking good so far. I like the dark look you get on all of these, and the coloration in his guts. I'll probably be tackling one of these sometime next year, but that will be after the Mortarian and Abbadon conversions, so I want to say summer to be realistic. I need to paint up squads in between these kitbashes and conversions, and I know the Mortarian conversion is going to be extensive and expensive. Waiting for the new codex in December before thinking about starting that. It'll be a January thing, and likely take a couple months to complete. Anyway, looking forward to seeing Papa finished up, and the angler toad is a great idea.

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    Man, you are turning out some awesome work here Graish. Your nurgle is looking exceedingly grim dark, and I for one love it.

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    Thank you Gentlemen. You guys keep me motivated!!!
    @EaterofLives: The dark scheme is based on the fact, that I‘m priming always black (old school)
    and pint then from dark to light.

    Papa in further progress. Two more evenings like yesterday and he will be ready:
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    Ugly and disgusting!! Err in a good way i mean!

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    @Graishak: I hear you brother, I prime everything in black, except my Asuryani due to the lighter color schemes. He's really coming along nicely.

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