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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Really nice work on the Nurgle demon Graishak!

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    The work is complete. Hours were good invested. I proudly present: "El Papa" :

    Votes and comments welcome! I hope, this guy can gather >50 votes. Let's see!

    Name:  IMG_2997.jpg
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Size:  995.8 KBName:  El Papa.JPG
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Size:  177.0 KBName:  IMG_3001.jpg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 10-24-2020 at 02:21 AM.

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    Great job Graishak! Definite level-up with this guy!

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    The link in your last post seems to be sending me to other random posts. Might want to check it (maybe its just me). Great job on the Unclean One dood.

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    Thanks Eki
    @Figg: Good catch! I updated the link. Now it is working.

    After the project is prior to the next...
    @Metalasmedium: Here thr angler toad
    Name:  81BD6B4D-11DF-41C9-84D9-339F2D78F618.jpeg
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    Great work so far and love GUO! voted and commented!

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    Voted and commented on El Papa!

    Fascinating work with the toad!

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    Great work on Papa. Voted. Now I can't wait to see the outcome of the toad.

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    Excellent project !!!!

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    Thanks guys. El Papa is now with 36 votes. Feeling confident to hit the threshold
    within the next 10 days.

    The Angler Toad is progressing:
    Name:  3B003E0E-E883-48F6-8B11-0D6C027436DA.jpeg
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    Superb work Graishak, El Papa is currently scoring 9.0 with 38 votes. And utterly deserved, you've struck an awesome balance between the rich saturated dark red blood & gore and the desaturated green flesh. And the red eye simply pops!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the Angler Toad.

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    Thanks Gorb, truly appreciating your statement!

    I‘ve put the Toad on hold, due to lack of motivation (it will come back...)
    Meanwhile started a Blightking in between:
    Name:  0C1E759A-2487-4320-ABA5-68C040086685.jpeg
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Size:  156.6 KB

    Btw. three votes missing for this guy... for being number 5 with 50 votes:
    Counting on you guys :-)
    Last edited by Graishak; 10-29-2020 at 06:53 PM.

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    Nice work on the blightking....and now you are two votes away on the squiq riders

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    That apron is looking great. Nice and filthy.

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    Your nurgle demon is great! We can see that you enjoyed applying washes and highlighting some details, like teeth and hornes. This guy is scary, well done! Nice start for the blightking btw.

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    Thanks Eki :-) It meanwhile reached the 50. So the five are full :-)
    The Blightlord is done. He is now waiting for his fellas:
    Name:  IMG_E3036.JPG
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    @Kallfa: Yup, correct. I recently fell in love with the contrast colours, which were launched by GW.

    This sunday something non-Warhammer touched my modelling motivation. I'm watching the Stargate SG1 show with my son and I thought about creating a Stargate as a terrain piece.
    Here we go, was a busy afternoon today :-)
    Name:  Stargate development.JPG
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Size:  168.7 KBName:  IMG_3056.JPG
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    Now the glue needs to dry... so the baby can be primed. Made the gate a bit "orcish" by adding the runes to the ring.

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    Definitively a stargate to an ork world Great work.

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    Thx Dexter! Will think about how to build that into my next board.

    Gate progressing:
    Name:  83A7C8F3-4FF2-46EE-A92A-93ED35FF95EC.jpeg
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    Nice kit bash for the ork stargate. If you have the bits, maybe put an ork arm or two and maybe a face on it like they are coming through the gate?

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