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    Blood Knight #13 finished
    Name:  Blood Knight with Pet.JPG
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    Loaded to the gallery:

    What's next? Hm.... prior to move on with the bloodknights I guess I will take opportunity to paint one of the AVP Predator Elders.
    Saw these in WIP of Arkaan and decided to buy a set. Just have put it onto a bigger base, so that I could place those as "Vargheists" in
    my Soulblight army... once I bought the bases even the GW guy in the store was smiling...

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    Name:  F6485B41-C94B-41B7-9D56-1C8D2520774C.jpeg
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    Predator Elder ready for painting.
    Base extended to 60 mm.

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    Nice model dude, who's the manufacturer?

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    That’s a nice mini. Excited to see what you do with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ Tudor View Post
    Nice model dude, who's the manufacturer?

    Basic layer done:
    Name:  DDC14D9B-3015-4550-8252-8A810020DE1D.jpeg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 10-23-2018 at 06:29 PM.

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    Finished... so 1/3 done... 2 more to come.
    Loaded to the gallery:

    Name:  IMG_6752.JPG
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Size:  1.30 MBName:  IMG_6754.jpg
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    Name:  155AAB3C-2CD5-4413-BD5B-3BA2626842A2.jpeg
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Size:  720.9 KBWorking pipeline...

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    Productive as ever Graishak! I gave the Predator a vote the other day and I look forward to seeing more vampires. I'm definitely a fan of them and how you paint them!

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    Number 2: Basic layer done

    Name:  733A63C5-407A-47BE-86F7-B523357CC821.jpeg
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    This one looks awesome with just the basic layers... you could virtually leave it like that!!!

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    Thanks Marcus. I've finished the guy this morning... basically staying with the colour scheme.
    Loaded to the gallery:

    Name:  IMG_6816.JPG
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    Starting #3 tonight :-)

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    Very cool!
    great minis and great weathering on the metals.

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    Finally ... #3 finished as well :-)
    Loaded to Gallery:

    Now question for you folks: Which one do you like most?

    Name:  IMG_6839.jpg
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    Ñersinally I like the middle guy!!! I am partial to open face masks and pink Gumlines :/ lol

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    I like the Predator one! Seriously though, I like the left one, but I like the pose of the middle one better

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    Man these figures are cool... just checked out the website, may have to order myself some of those aliens one of these days!!!

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    Next conversion ready. This blood knight riding
    a demonic saurus will head my third unit.
    Name:  59CF2E21-407F-48C2-8FC9-36EA9E190C30.jpeg
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Size:  473.6 KBName:  6769F558-3A53-45E0-B47E-2547278EE3A3.jpeg
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