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    Basic layers in progress...
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    hmm...interested in seeing where this purple goes. That is some big equipment for that little dino to be having to carry around though, kind of feel bad for the little fella

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    As a match is in front of me and some more black knights
    are needed, I set the blood knights aside and did
    some revamping on my 2nd black knight unit.
    Free hand exercise included...
    Name:  958AD7BF-3FC6-4D95-BD81-769B3F8658C4.jpeg
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    The revamp job is complete. So my undead forces are ready for the next match.

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    Loaded to the gallery:

    Now I will turn back to my neverending blood knight mission...
    @Eki: will keep you posted about the poor Dino, who has such big burden to carry :-)

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    Thanks. I really like these as well. Especially the lava and the banner, reminds me of versions of Eddie from Iron Maiden

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    Moving forward...
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    Awesome banner. The troupe looks great together.

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    Getting closer...Name:  D0D6152F-7E27-4DD6-BB57-8A26482AC9E7.jpeg
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    Coming along great, your really pumping out a large amount of figures... nice work mate.

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    The knight is done and loaded to the gallery:

    @Eki: I'm curious about your thoughts, after seeing this one finished.
    @Chaotic: Well, the black knights were already 80% done and stocked in the closed, once I picked them up again. Trying to keep pace ;-)

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    I agree with what the others have said. Nice work on the banner and it is impressive just how quickly you get these Warhammer minis painted! Always good to see old-school Vampire Counts minis get painted too

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    I think you did a great job on this (although I still feel sorry for that tiny dino having to lug around that giant dude and all his equipment!)
    I really like the reds you got on the dino
    Did you think about adding a flesh tone to the face on the shield (or if you did sorry as it doesn't show in your last photos)? It would probably make it pop a little with the purple.

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    Thanks for that hint Eki. Following that the
    shield looks upgraded!
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    How cool is that shield.... it’s the little features like that on these old figures which made me fall in love with mini painting all those years ago!!!

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    I really liked to put this "special rider" together. I've more or less reached halftime with my blood knights project.
    Anyways... taking a look at the latest scoring the "special rider" seems to suck... this afternoon I had a score <5, which means to me "hell that was a fail".
    Maybe it is because it is "too loaded"? Any advice appreciated!
    Personally I thought the blood knights improved along I was painting them in the past couple of months. This is now alerting me.

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    I would say if you are happy with it does it really matter what others think? That being said, I took a quick look at your gallery and it seems that the majority of the ones where you have a lot of purple seem to be rating a little lower than the others you do. Most of the ones with a fair bit of purple were between about 5.8 and 6.5 or so in the ratings. So I am going to guess that it is mostly down to the purple and maybe the scale of the two figures combined.
    Me personally, the only real thing I would nitpick is the boots, as they look a little incomplete to me. Maybe if they were painted more of a solid purple and then some wash and or glazes of black, blue, or some other color would make them look better and then you could bring up the highest highlight to about the flesh color you used on the shield. Or conversely you could paint the boots black and then give them some purple highlights.

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    Thanks Eki, you’re right - it might really just depend on that purple.
    The next knight will consider highlighting with flesh color for all purple areas.
    I was only on alert, because timely I was below 5, which made me doubt,
    if I really should be happy with it.
    At the end of the day I wanna improve my painting, while doing obe after the
    other. Have enough stuff in the pipe, ...

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    Last weekend it was announced by our local GW store, that there will be a Christmas Painting competition. Glittering X-Mas.
    Open any piece dedicated to the X-Mas topic.
    Nightgobbo hats look like Santa? A sleigh could be dragged by a spider? Nurglings could dance on sugar sticks?
    Um, well... take a look - I'd say "HO HO HO" ... looking forward to paint it :-)
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    Hahaha, that’s excellent. Love his naughty and nice book!

    Excellent idea, it’ll look great painted up!

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    That is pretty cool! Some nice kit bashing/conversion there to get it put together. Good luck with the contest

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