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    Hat's off to ya for attacking this project. I can't imagine trying to paint that many of the same model, nor the disturbed person I would be at the completion of such a task.

    Keep it coming though, as we all cheer you on!!

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    Little update, about to start details.
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    Graishak, you maniac! Batch painting is one of the hardest parts of this hobby so I salute you for taking on this project. I'm with DeBeebs and I'll be rooting for you to finish and I'm sure it will be fun to have all these nicely painted minis on the tabletop in the near future too!

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    7/30 done... the green cloaks are next.
    And DaBeebs and Kuribo: I confirm... it’s tough...
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    This army painting is making great progress. Nice neat freehand triangles on th3 cloaks.

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    Nice progress & good standard on those gobbos. Keep it up!

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    I have to give you props as well, that is way more than I would want to tackle at one time. And that deeper red and pinkish color go well together. I guess they are kind of like Goblins version of St Valentine Cupid

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    Woot! Woot! Looking good, man! Keep it up!

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    Oh my god and there s free hand around the hood edges haha. ...great work

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    Thanks for your kind comments. I will try to keep it up
    @Sigmar: the "freehand" was just a goodie on top.
    Last edited by Graishak; 04-10-2019 at 05:19 PM.

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    Setting the scene for the next 7:
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    Little update:
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    I guess after those 30 shootas it will take
    a while for the next unit of this type...

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    Smells like Halftime!!!!! Yayyyyy!
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    Nice! You are knocking these out at a good pace. Color combination works as well, but I think I am a little more partial to the purplish ones.

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    Helluva job, man! They are way more consistent than I'd be doing; even through the variation of color, they all look like they belong together. Grab yourself a beverage, survey your successful progress, and then get back at it! You're killing it!

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    Man o man the patience you possess!!! Terrific job there.

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