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    A Kankra model, two forest goblins and a few bitz...
    result in: Goblin boss riding gigantic spider

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    After a long night and afternoon session today, I've finished that little Diorama.
    Thanks a lot to Maenas for the hint regarding dilution of the colours... it was indeed easier to do some fine strokes.

    Batchpainting... will be the next station... need to finish the conversions of my bloodknights...

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    Hm... the converted spider boss scored just with a 6... kind of surprise to me as I thought the level of detail was improved compared to the
    last blood knight. Not sure, if this is related to the mini as such. More and more I have the impression, that popularity of a mini has a higher
    weight than the quality of painting and conversion.
    I'm trying to rate based on the old characteristics... a) painting b) conversion c) base d) overall
    Possibly I'm taking the topic a bit to serious...

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    it can all come down to who happens to vote on the model at the time. also the quality of photo may play into it. although the lighting is good outside theres lots of distracting elements.

    But that all said, deffo looks better. You have got tidier layers in there. And some good contrasts especially inthe green
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    Neat little diorama. Be sure to keep an eye on prep though. The mold line on the skulls really pops out at me for example.

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    @KruleBear: Thanks for that hint - correct... I was kind of too pushi to get the paintwork started... so I missed to remove the mold line accuarately. Will try to avoid that in the future.

    @Coyote: What do you mean with "deffo"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    @Coyote: What do you mean with "deffo"?
    Not being an English speaker myself... I would say that "deffo" is a shorthand for "definitely".

    Don't go mad about the voting on the gallery, sometimes you will get downvoted, sometimes not. It's a mix of a lot of things that you cannot control. Each individual out there has it's own range of voting and exigence level. On my personal scale this last work of yours is somewhere between a 4 and a 6, since I follow your WIP I know your efforts and would be more prone to vote for a six to compensate downvoting from people non valorizing those points.

    Good things about this work:
    -You maintained the main focus on the face of the goblin raider despite lots of other things there..
    -Did a nice work on the blue line on the goblin's head feathers
    -Started to work on base scenery. which is great as everyone need to do that to improve its skills... I find myself spending time watching and not doing... to improve you need TO DO things not only watch them.
    -Despite being rough you gave lights to the spider... that's... better rough than none. ^^

    So be patient and keep painting and doing! with enough time 4's will be 5's and 6's and then 7's and eight's and so on.
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    Well the gallery can be a bit harsh and unforgiving at times, I have seen some really nice things with low scores, and some pretty average things with really high scores... it’s as coyote said, it has a lot to do with who votes at the time and how many score snipers are out and about!!!
    It is also a matter of subject matter too... if you paint something which is in vouge at the time the score will be a bit better!!!

    I wouldn’t really pay too much attention to the scoring and just concentrate on painting, personally I paint for the fun of it and not the accolades, I share my stuff to the gallery to show what I’ve done and don’t pay much attention to the score... I think if you get too caught up in the whole rating of things you could find yourself becoming a bit disillusioned with painting...

    something I have noticed is that you pump these figures out at an amazing rate... I do recommend maybe slow it down a little, be sure to take your time in the prep work to get it all cleaned up nice, and then take your time with the paintwork just work on getting smooth blends and thin coats etc... perhaps look at areas where you would normally do dry brushing to try and work on layering to get the same effect... will turn out a lot smoother looking and is a more technical way to paint!!! As a result your scores will increase as people will see that advances in your technique and score accordingly (well most people, as there are always going to be the low ballers out there).

    You are doing some great stuff Alex, and this latest figure has turned out great... the work on the little gobbo is great!!! You painting is definitely improving with every mini, I just feel if you slow down and start pushing for some more advanced painting techniques you will start producing some exceptional work!!!
    even just have one figure off to the side which you give it your all, whilst painting other things?

    but essentially it’s up to you mate, paint however you like and have fun... just giving you some thoughts as to how you can go about improving your gallery score???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    @KruleBear: Thanks for that hint - correct... I was kind of too pushi to get the paintwork started... so I missed to remove the mold line accuarately. Will try to avoid that in the future.

    @Coyote: What do you mean with "deffo"?
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenas View Post
    Not being an English speaker myself... I would say that "deffo" is a shorthand for "definitely".
    yes Maenas has the right of it, I meant definitely. my apologies for not writing the full word. I struggle spelling it the propper way so often default to the slang version. I will try not to in future.
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    @Coyote: Thanks for clarification - will try to add this "shortcut" to my dictionary :-) I guess people like Maenas and myself got some credit, as we can play the "non-native-speaker" card

    @Maenas: You're right - Votes should not have a dominating weight... it's more about the progressing as such and to determine ways to improve. And /signed... it's a matter of practise.
    A German song lyric says "success is no matter of luck... it's the result of blood, sweat and tears" :-)
    In order to invest some more of that... what did you mean conrecte by "give lights to the spider"? Meaning color shading? Taking it out into the sun? ;-)

    @Marcus: Major two points taken. a) reduction of dry brushing and replacing it by blending (I'm currently doing a mixture); b) Taking more time - hm
    I guess "amazing rate" resp. "high speed" really depends on the point of view. And will somehow contradict to the recommendation of Maenas doing some batchpainting.
    Seems like a good idea to have one mini in progress being "the mini for the time", while doing others standardized... Two weeks ago I bought a wraith riding a vulture... this combined with a nice base
    could be such a project... will think about it.

    @Sword: Yeah it was really fun, especially, because I would like to face the monotony of GW minis for goblin boss riding gigantic spider (which is just one mini available).
    I got in my army now three bosses riding gigantic spiders... a) Original GW, b) Reaper spider conversion and c) the Kankra conversion;
    I really like those spiderfang goblins... I was beating at the tabletop Chaos, Ogres, Undead forces and Sepharon... those spiders rock :-)

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    Next conversion ready for painting.
    The rider was left in a bitz box...
    taken a standard horse, adding armor
    parts of ogres and orcs. Result see above.
    Excited to get this guy ready for my blood knights unit.
    Following Marcus‘s advice, will take some time.
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    Two late shifts last weekend resulted in above shown wraith.
    I was using several layers of green/turquoise - rounded up by some yellow/beige to get a "lightning" effect on the cloak.
    For me it looks good - what do you think? Anything further to improve?

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    I believe what your going for is what folks refer to as “ambient OSL!!! It’s basucally for example let’s say I’m a shaven piece o shire ratman. And I’m in a cavern . And I’m standung in the middle of the room and about a 15 foot radius ALL AROUND ME. Is a ton of WYRDStone!!! This results in a green glow all around me and everywhere in me and all the diff colors like my skin , my fur etc all have a color with green aglow . Now I don’t know much about this technically savvy ways to pull this off. The wight you did ,I def can tell that’s what your going for. As far as where and what direction to go in . Firstly I’ll say that the model for a playable piece is joyous . If I had to break it down if it were myself and I was liking to get this into a display league piece. Ide say the highlighting on the cape is in need of a bit more smoothing out. Most of the time when I see this sort of thing 99.9 percent of the time it can be corrected by just practicing your blending . There are so many styles of blending and even more types of combinations of brush sizes to use. Ide day practice 2 or 3 ways. For example I myself feel if you have more tools in your box the easier you can pull of the basics in this case it’s smooth transitions. Sebastian archer shows this easy very easy to grasp way called juicing. Blending through transparency. You can find it on OZ painters forums site. Than there’s loadedbrush, feathering in an of itself and wetblending, 2 brush blending etc etc. Ide start with the one that you have the most success with. There’s tons of YouTube videos that show studio meet how to blend. Go research the ones I’ve just mentioned there very user friendly. Another tip that you hear it all the time. If you dilute your paint and paint it on layer by layer (WITH A LIGHT HANDED PRESSURE) you’ll get seemingly better blends immediately. If you think bout it diluting your paint to a very watery consistency is exactly what the oz painters advocate and call juicing ( blending through translucent sly)

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    Yeah BaM, your description of the Warpstone cavern fits exactly to what I was thinking about!
    I hear you... and others said it as well: Dilution is my working area ... so I will practise. Quoting Yoda: Perfect practice makes!
    Will take a look at the "juicing-technique" - that sounds interesting.
    And... "light handed pressure" is an ongoing challenge with my claws *LOL* - know what you mean.
    Btw... I'm using for any fine work a 10/0 brush... so again the dilution will be the solution to my problem... thinner brushes are not out there 10/0 is already a kind of nothing ;-)

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    Can't agree with Chaotic Creations and Maenas more. Don't worry about gallery scores, just think of it as a place to store and show your finished pieces, at least for now. As they both said as you improve the score will go up anyway and what's more it's quite fun seeing a progression of your skills. Fun is most important

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    Name:  Kemmler WIP.JPG
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    Heinrich Kemmler WIP

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    One of my all time favorite warhammer minis, I am excited to see him ones he is finished.

    And as the others have said, don't care too much about how you score at the gallery. As long as you are having fun, since that is what matters.

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    Heinrich Kemmler - WIP 2 = Finished
    Name:  Kemmler WIP2.JPG
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    I really enjoyed painting that mini :-)

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    Priority change... after receipt of a very nice birthday gift my blood knight conversions are on pause.
    I will be focussed to work on this guy here: :-)
    Name:  IMG_5432.jpg
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