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    nice work, expectantly awaiting the vampires! Not sure if you did or planned on it, but a gloss coat over the blood cauldron would look pretty good.

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    The Coven Throne is really shaping up nicely, Graishak! I'm a bit jealous as that is one I want to paint and just don't have time with all of the gaming pieces I already having in my queue. You're making me want to paint one again though because yours is looking seriously awesome. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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    Looks good man, got much to go on the board?

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    First Lady done. Two more left.
    Rest of Throne and 3 more guards left open for the board.
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    I really like the color you went with for the dress!

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    She looks way to comfortable round all this bachelor skeletons!!! But gr8 paint my friend.

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    Thanks guys. Did some rework on the skin.
    Now two Ladies ready. The last one to come...

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    The night shift ends ... with a finished Coven Throne:

    Feel free to leave a vote or comment or both :-)

    @Eki: Glaze has been added to the blood bowl!

    Proudly presenting:
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    Now the last pieces are my 3 missing warriors of the Sepulchral Guard and their "graveyard base".
    Stay tuned ^^

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    nice one. well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Nice work Graishak! This is a huge project, and your end result looks great!

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    Great job on this Graishak! Only one thing I would really critique is that one eye (on the lady in blue) looks a bit strange, but other than that, very well done!

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    Eki, you’re totally right. I was suffering while
    painting the eyes, especially the blue lady.
    I did it multiple times... maybe I find a moment
    with a slow hand and give it another try.

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    Well done finishing this Graishak, you've done a grand job. What a project, love the colours

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