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    Yeah that looks red goblin is neat. I love your way of doing very dark shading almost black or it is black and with a completely different color for the highlight it looks very striking and looks excellent. Can you please explain this teqinque in any way to me or what exactly you are doing?, thanks.

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    Hey Clouds,

    as usual the artist is more than happy to share the technique ;-)
    These Gitz were my first field research with the new contrast colours of GW.

    I did the priming of the minis in black.
    Then followed by four steps:

    1.) Dry brushing with the light grey to provide a bit more structure
    2.) Now I applied the contrast colour to the complete cloak
    3.) First edge highlighting in a rough way with diluted dark yellow/red
    4.) Fine edge highlighting as final step with a lighter less diluted yellow/red

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    While batch painting the yellow ones it took me about 15 mins for the step 3 per mini
    and another 15 minutes for step 4. Doing that high number in a row was kind of cumbersome,
    but provided some good practice to improve. The more I did the better they were looking.
    Hope that explains what I've done ;-)
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    Great job on the net conversion to make some net gitz!

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    THank graikshak i really appreciate the effort you put in to that responce, thanks so much and have a great night and day.

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    AoP 2020 in preparation.
    No surprise, I‘m working on a Gitz board.

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    Two shroom forests in addition are in prep...
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    Shroom-Forest #1:
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    Make sure you dry em and eat em.

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    Can’t eat it... it’s watching me
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    Is that Sauron's all seeing mushroom?

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    cool design on the shroom. this will be one kick ass AOP display
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Sauron‘s all seeing Mushroom, I like that
    The first eye is done. Any final suggestions?
    The second eye to follow soon.
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    maybe a really light glaze of red or something over the white so it isn't so stark or just a little in the corners unless you don't want to mess it up or anything. Otherwise I looks great as is!

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    Not sure if I got you right.
    Like this?
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    Sorry, should have been a little clearer, something like either of these two (but more transparent than my example) but so it just gives a hint of the red or pinkish color in the white area
    Name:  The Eye1.jpg
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    But just a suggestion so you don't have to do it if you don't think it will look good or what you are going for

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    Moving closer to the finish lane.
    @Eki: I‘m currently resisting to try out the red glaze,
    because I fear messing it up...
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    Whoa that's a crazy mushroom! I'm sure it will look great with the rest of your forest. I imagine it would be the freakiest thing to see this terrifying mushroom and run around it to avoid its gaze... only to find another equally huge and scary eye on the back side. A really strange but neat idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    Moving closer to the finish lane.
    @Eki: I‘m currently resisting to try out the red glaze,
    because I fear messing it up...
    That is why I said it was just a suggestion It looks great as it is and will definitely stand out on the game board!

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    He looks like a fungi.

    I am hilarious.

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