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    Thanks for the kind words, appreciated. If not yet done, I'd be happy if you leave a vote for the colossal squig.
    @Sigmar: Not yet thought about giving this guy a name. Maybe "Papa hopper"? :-P
    @Eki: It is a sword, which is sticking in his upper leg. Tried to make the wound look a bit bloody.

    After finishing the colossos it is currently hard to get motivated to start with the next piece. A couple of boingrots are sittin over here,
    netgitz are begging for some care... or the loonking himself? Potentially the shroom forest is more easy to do... undecided.

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    Ah, was the sword part of the kit or something you decided to throw on? Either way, nice work on the Squiggoth!

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    That was part of the mini
    And thanks again!

    Todays night shifts results:
    Name:  782BBF74-2B26-4DFD-8B8A-CF0FB7BA5C82.jpeg
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    Great work on the colossal squig. The colors look great on him. It does seem the claws are a little too clean though. I wouldn’t change it, but something to think about in the future.

    Btw, I love these blues on the smaller squigs.

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    Yeah congratulations on that colossal squig, amazing. Those blue guys are neat.

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    @KruleBear: Thanks for that useful hint. Indeed the claws look like he's just returning from the nail-studio ;-) (maybe it's a "she"? harhar)
    Will consider this for future works to add some dirt to the claws.
    @Clouds: Thank you.

    Will drop a pic on the blue bobbles in a while, once they've reached the next level.

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    Nice start on the new grotz and squigz. Also, a big congrats on you Squiggoth making the new and notable list today!

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    Hi Eki, thank you very much.
    That‘s a nice milestone reached.

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    The 2nd blue bobble is done.
    More to come:
    Name:  EA9B61E5-DE27-4BB5-84A8-64767EAEEF46.jpeg
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    @Eki: My Squiggoth made it to the notable list for 3-4 hours. Luckily I did a print-screen at work for the history books.
    @all: Many thanks for adding the comments to the pic. You made me smile :-)
    Last edited by Graishak; 04-02-2020 at 05:42 PM.

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    I’m really liking the teeth on your squigs....and nice to see something different than the stock standard orange.

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    Wow nice work graishak!, very impressive.

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    Bobble #3.
    @bullfrog: Yeah, trying to bring some vibrant elements to this.
    Got already pink, red, green and blue. More to come.

    Name:  B629752D-C212-48B9-9D98-C3F32ABA7324.jpeg
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    Nice man that looks excellence.

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    Super cool Graishak, love the vibrant colors. Don’t forget your eye glint/reflection!

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    Thanks for the reminder Sik Willy - I added a white glint to the eye + some varnish.
    And now... after (at least to me) endless hours, I'm happy to present the first Boingz unit:

    Name:  Boingrot Bounderz final.JPG
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    What's next? I've asked my son - and he told me: Go for a shaman. He selected the Orruk Weirdnob Shaman,
    which was sitting assembled on my shelf since >1 year for now. So... let's get him primed and do some work ;-)

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    Man if I have to paint all the miniatures waiting on my shelf....

    Nice work on this unit!

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    nice unit there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    which was sitting assembled on my shelf since >1 year for now. So... let's get him primed and do some work ;-)
    If I would only have minis that are waiting for 1 year... I would be happy.
    (worst ones I have are some Confrontation minis that I bought, assembled and primed in 2005 or 2006... that's 14-15 years atm and I don't really see them being painted anytime soon)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks guys... and yeah, there are things on my shelf sitting since more than one year.
    And so many ideas, what to do... so this hobby is kind of neverending (which is blessing and curse at the same point of time ^^).

    On top, the terrain pieces for my AoP-Board are yelling for some care. Here I'm not half far like I would like to be.

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    Little update on the weirdnob: Basics are done...
    ... now the party is starting.
    Name:  AA02A0B7-53E1-42A9-84E8-028AF14757DF.jpeg
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