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    By the power of Grayskull!!! I have the Power :-)

    Name:  He-Man.JPG
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    Hah that guy is awesome!, very!! nice work.

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    Thanks guys. I see, I’m not the only Motu fan around here.

    Latest work brought me back to my Gobbos:
    Name:  5DA9A444-9ADD-4BC9-B6A0-CE5E99B27512.jpeg
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    I’m really anxious ,although I know you have a bit to go, but to see the complete version of the squig!!!!

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    Creative Thursday. Flying Squig ahead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    Creative Thursday. Flying Squig ahead
    Nice, I like it!

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    The Squig Boss is ready:

    Hopefully I met your expectations BaM ;-)

    Name:  Forgeworld Gloomspite Boss on Giant Squig.JPG
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    Now I'm going to focus on the flying Squig mini-dio.

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    Like the Flying Squiq Head, be nice to see that one all painted up. I like the Squiq Boss as well.

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    Hi guys, thanks for your comments. Happy you like it.
    Made some progress on this mini-dio today:

    Name:  A1800261-30C0-48E7-B6C5-1725D30E4A92.jpeg
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    This was just fun :-) - Another nice "eye-catcher" for my AoP board this year!

    Name:  Flying Squig.JPG
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    I wouldn't want to run into mommy squiq when she comes in to feed him. Nice work on it, looking forward to seeing your AOP board when you have it all done up.

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    Nice work! love the squig nest, only a mother could love that face

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