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    Love the palette and the eyes are intense!

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    Thanks Maxwin, appreciated.

    The decision is taken. Nurgle it is. Prior to get started for this new journey, I worked the last days on finalizing another project sitting too long.
    Revamping of the Skeleton Unit. The first 5 guys were already set last year, but the remaining 15 were waiting for some care.
    Here's the result:

    Name:  Skeleton Horde.JPG
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    What's next?
    Well, after the Nurgle decision is taken I decided to do some sculpting and will build my first "Beast of Nurgle" - Stay tuned :-)

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    Voted! I'm looking forward to seeing what your Beast of Nurgle looks like!

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    Few creative hours spent on this. Now the modelling clay needs to dry.
    Will add some hot glue tomorrow to bring slime to the wounds.
    Any further suggestions?

    Name:  Best of Nurgle.JPG
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    Skeleton band is looking good! Nice work on the Beast of Nurgle want to see this one painted up!

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    The beast is primed and has a first layer touch:
    Name:  917A5CAC-37E4-4C59-8D99-D8720583494B.jpeg
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    Voted and commented! That is a pretty cool Nurgle sculpt and should look very disgusting when you get him done. I look forward to seeing how you get on with him!

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    Small update on the beast:
    Name:  DCB6C5CA-DB92-4974-BD42-1274842958FF.jpeg
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    The beast of Nurgle is done:

    Name:  Beast of Nurgle.JPG
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    As the mail order arrived few days ago, I'm now going to be very busy in assembling my demon squads :-)

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    Busy this week with assembling my new buddies:
    Name:  9153A4C7-92C8-464C-A8D2-C8B274A8C707.jpeg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 08-15-2020 at 12:48 PM.

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    Lord of Blights in progress:
    Name:  C9CF19FD-6A2B-4AD3-8913-030F9B177DC2.jpeg
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    Voted and commented! For me, getting stuff assembled is not my favorite part of the hobby so getting that many done is great. The latest guy looks great so far and I look forward to seeing more updates on him

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    Thanks Kuribo :-) Yeah indeed, the assembling part is not that joiable than the painting. And the smell of plastic glue it not really comfortable neither.
    Anyways... a couple of new models are expected to arrive this week. So there's work to be done...

    Meanwhile, the Lord of Blights is done:
    Singing "Oh Lord, would you buy me.... "

    Name:  Lord of Blights.JPG
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    Extremely nice Lord of blights, congratulations.

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    Nice job, voted & commented. I love how overbright the colors are, the broad red cloth and the bloody eye-hole make for a nice triangle composition.
    Well done!

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    whew, what’s that smell?! He’s a pretty one. Good job!

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    Thanks Gent‘s

    Today the mailorder arrived. Couldn’t resist to assemble this:
    Name:  74A43E92-1BA5-4AF8-AD59-5DB5AC249FB4.jpeg
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    The Daemonspew arrived today... and there were enough bitz
    for an additional Beast

    Name:  C6FE4A02-70C4-439A-A15C-7728B8F3FCF6.jpeg
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