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    Thanks guys. I used this weekend to finish the remaining two
    of my first Blightking unit:
    Name:  9BBA7A42-A320-49EB-8503-C6A4B38B4917.jpeg
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    The next challenge found a start: The monster snail
    Name:  FE3ECC6A-D80A-4A27-BF71-12C2ED808B1C.jpeg
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    Those armors looks nice.
    And great start on the snail.

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    This snail looks delicious .
    As Dexter said, nice work about the nurgle warriors, you did a beautiful paint on armors

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    Graishak, you are turning into a master of shading nurgleness. The snail looks awesome!

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    Graishak, those models look butt ugly. Fantastic!

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    Snail is looking great! Love the more vibrant purple against that paler green for the body.

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    Thanks for your kind comments on the armour, appreciated!

    Currently working on bringing the snail to the next level.
    Small update:
    Name:  3DF3B46A-E69F-40F3-91F8-624D3B80DFA6.jpeg
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    The house is giving me a hard time...

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    Looking great!

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    After some long evenings I'm happy to present you the final result:

    Name:  Slimux Stapel.jpg
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    Now... struggling to decide what's next... tending to go for my custom Nurgle Beast #3. ^^

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    That's great! So much cool stuff going on.

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    As usual... the pipe is still full...
    Now working on the beast #3:
    Name:  B3EF6AFB-FB6F-40AB-926B-2D8DC6869D02.jpeg
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    So many minis crying for sone care...

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    Progressing further...
    Name:  6565E284-E521-488C-8B0D-E385A2EFE325.jpeg
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    Deliciously disgusting!!

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    Very nice Graishak! The snail is full of details and really pleasant to look at. I like some features, like the green tongue of the little pink worm. And nice start for the beast, it looks brighter and the result should be interesting as well!

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    You have mastered the nurgle style my friend. I second Fuentes.

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    Thanks for the kind words gentlemen :-) Appreciated. Indeed I'm really enjoying to paint these kind of disgusting monsters!

    Beast #3 is done:

    Name:  Beast of Nurgle #3 Stapel.jpg
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    I guess the Gutrot Spume is going to be under brush attack next ^^

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    I'm having trouble figuring out which end is the head lol
    That's nurgle for you. You think you're sneaking up from behind and wham! the anus eats you

    Great work Graishak! I'd love to see your entire army thus far.

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