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    I‘d say, that there’s some work in front of me

    Name:  C4051D30-56D2-4629-AF77-EB023F27E734.jpeg
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    Progress! First experiments with candy ink.

    Name:  964BEBF4-A20A-49C6-A09B-C8B89E4FD115.jpeg
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    Cool looking figure. Is the candy inks just the purple tentacle bit?

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    Hi everybody - Happy 2021 :-)
    The Glottkin is ready. Meanwhile I've used candy ink for tentacles and pustules. Thanks again to Joce :-)

    Here he is:

    Name:  Glottkin Stapel 2 small.jpg
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    Oh yeah I like that, suitable disgusting! Great job, bud!

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    This is awesome Graishak! And you painted this monster pretty quickly, this is impressive! How did you make the green egg on the base ? They look very convincing.

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    Thanks guys
    Yep... painting goes fast, if there is vacation and no need
    to stop at midnight.

    The eggs are fluo pearls are got for little money in a gift shop.
    Combined with some white sand and greenish inks they’re showing
    up as plague eggs.

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    Lockdown and no sports allowed, while you're having vacation? Here we go... let's get some paint to the minis ;-)

    The Wurmspat is ready:

    Name:  The Wurmspat.JPG
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    An own built "Harbinger of Decay" is queued next in the pipeline. Let's see when I will start with this.
    For tonight I guess the shift is done. Looks like some TV activities are to be processed ^^

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    Getting unfinished things done. Last night I decided to finish the terrain works on my AoP board 2020 - even if the competition didn't happen, I wanted to do a photo-shoot of the finished thing, prior
    to refurbish it to a nurgle board ^^. The board is carrying roughly 80 minis within a custom terrain framework:

    Thanks in advance for leaving a vote and/or comment :-)

    Name:  AoP 2020 Stapel small.jpg
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    Love it, there's so much going.

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    Great looking AOP board there Graishak! Also well done on the wurmspat and love that Glotkin!

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    Thanks guys :-)
    Here is the last product of my season vacation: The Pusgoyle Blightlord (the first of 6 minis to be painted):

    Name:  Pusgoyle Blightlord - Stapel.jpg
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    Doing currently some experiments with custom tentacles... stay tuned ^^.

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    That looks really... nice. Looks like a lot of work went into it. I like the use of colors and the blends are top notch! Well done.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    Thanks guys
    The eggs are fluo pearls are got for little money in a gift shop.
    Combined with some white sand and greenish inks they’re showing
    up as plague eggs.
    It's genius, great idea ! Thanks for the tip

    Your Gloomsplit army looks very nice on your customboard. What a collection!
    And very very nice work about the Pusgoyle Blightlord. That bug and his rider look terrifying!

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