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    N ice queen!

    This mini brings me back!! I was suppose to paint her on a frost dragon for GD 2001 but i went on a 10 years hiatus instead.

    Yeah its a change from your "nasty stuff"

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    That color does not fit in tool well. But the base is nice.

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    Freehand training continues...
    ... took a vampire from the shelf:
    Name:  BCDB86B8-6B8E-4CE7-ABA9-058A2D431FF7.jpeg
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    Update on the cloak. Any suggestions?
    Name:  957E953C-4166-4693-8598-2BE702DB5197.jpeg
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    Over all I think it looks good. Not sure what the circle bit is supposed to be (looks like a moon with eyes) so maybe some more refinement on that bit. For the lighting maybe try to use some other off-white or very pale color (like a very white blue) and then run some smaller lines of white within that to make it look a little better (along the lines of this: Keep up the great work, skill building is fun!

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    Rework done.
    You‘re totally right... the full moon seemed to be a Smiley.
    Now it is more what I wanted it to look like.

    I redid the bolts applying the technique you've suggested per link (very helpful - thx for that).

    Name:  FDDDD07E-6CF8-436F-AFDB-7CAB7D5018CC.jpeg
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    Stuff is looking good! I like how you are actually finishing your projects (mine seem to be in a constant state of "almost").

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Thanks Tiki. Trying to finish things, once I've started...
    So the Vampire is now done:

    Name:  Vampire Collage.JPG
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    Oh Lord... scoring below 6... made me decide to put other vampires back to shelf.
    My freehand still seems to be too childish, ...

    Back to Nurgle:
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    The vampire looks great. The paint job is clean, the cloak has some cool gradients.

    Personally I think your nurgle stuff looks better, but I don't think this looks bad. It might be an opportunity to push your skills...

    If I could give you any tips at all, it would be:

    a) your photos sometimes look very harsh, especially with the black background. May try a different / textured background, so the lighting doesn't have to be so overly exposed. It might bring out some details.
    For your nurgle army, this kinda works because most of the colors you use are deeply saturated and dark, so the highlights pop nicely. But this guy has a bunch of high-value / white colors, so they blend and the whole mini looks flat.

    b) Some smaller things: I think you could "shape" the hair a bit more, from a lighting perspective. It looks very flat (but again that could just be the photo). Typically, hair is very shiny, especially on an oily vampire so it reflects light
    the same way as metal, with sharp specular highlights. At least, that is what I've read and what I'm trying to apply when I paint hair...
    Also the face is all cheekbones and while I know he is undead, the face is where we focus first, so it should look a bit more... alive?

    c) color choices: this is not a critique, but some people will perceive wild swings between color hues as "childish". In this model you have yellow, purple, blue, red and green.
    Don't get me wrong, this can work - just look closely at BaM's work, he has at least that much going on just in his barbarian's lion coths but he uses them in a specific way.
    I think if you tried to stick to say two or three colors, maybe picked from a set of complimentary or analogous colors, and varied their value and saturation, your skill will shine brighter.

    d) brush size: for tiny sharp details like the stars on his cloak, there is no going around it - if you use a thick worn-out brush tip, you will get round blobs instead of sharp stars.
    (At least, I think this is what happened here)
    For small details, you are gonna need a smaller brush and thinner paint...
    If you were free-handing a dark logo on a bright surface, you could use a fine-tipped marker to draw the outlines, but in this case you are stuck with white paint. So brush size it is.

    I loved your He-Man figures, I think you did great there.
    But I am looking forward to what you do with this new nurgle guy!

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    Hi Chris,

    many thanks for that feedback - very helpful!

    a) Point taken regarding the photos. Agreed... for Nurgle and Gobbos is seems like best fit to have a dark background... this differs for creatures with lighter colours.
    I will play around a bit with a different background. This afternoon I did a quick experiment with 1) a white paper sheet in the background and 2) daylight.
    Name:  Vampire Dailight.JPG
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    Will do further experiements with this.

    b) I need to think about how to get more contrast into the hair... maybe adding a brownish ink for a kind of blending... I wanted to have one white streak popping out - so it reminds a bit to Robert Craven

    c) Yeah I hear you... honestly there is always a battle within my head, once I'm painting... as I love to do colourful pieces (like my Gobbos)... but you're right... a vampire is not a Goblin, I need to carve that into stone.
    Oh btw... are there Gobbo-Vampires :-P

    d) In general I'm painting details with a 10/0 brush. I don't think it is a matter of size, but I need to be more precise, once I'm diluting my paints ... seems I have to practice a bit. This might be the hardest thing for me to
    go through. And regarding fine-tip markers - I bought last week some 0,1 mm markers (black, red, green and blue), but you're totally right... as white comes into the game the markers are out. But I think I will give the markers
    a try to thin the lines of the stars to make them more "tiny".

    Happy to hear, that you liked the Masters ^^ Here the colour choice won't give me a bad rating, as I sticked to the original design of the action figures (that was much more easy to deal with).
    So motivation is back... will spend this week some time to rework bitz and pieces on the vampire to bring him into "final" shape as I want to bring him to a painting competition in March.

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    Face update. More alive, I hope

    Name:  ED26FAD8-BDFA-4B2B-B82E-04EECEA860AB.jpeg
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    Thata boy!!!!! Creee-P

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    Rework complete.
    - Fine liner adjustments to the stars on the cloak
    - rework face (esp. eyes)
    - rework shirt (no more red/pink - just purple)
    - rework hair including greyish/diluted turquise elements
    - picture taken on light background & daylight
    Open painting contest 02.2021 - here he is ;-)
    Name:  Vampire Collage upgraded.JPG
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    If you permit my 2 cents on freehand, Freehand is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot and a lot of practice because there are so many aspects involved in it, what i personally find the hardest is to find the right paint consistancy second to that is to find a good freehand brush then it becomes more technical with how to control your brush and of course your drawing skill level. I would recomend you practice on flat surfaces first, like banners or something, doing freehand on wavy material like a cloak or clothes is something to give head each even to the best painters so what you did was extremely hard and you should be proud!! Hope this will help.

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    Also mix inks into your paints when doing freehand. It helps thin the paint down so it flows better, preserving a thinner line and because it’s ink you retain your colour vibrancy and opacity

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    I think you did a really good job on re-working the figure to based on feed back from people here. But yeah, like metal said, freehand isn't the easiest even on flatter surfaces so major props for doing it on wavy clothing, especially for your first time or two.

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    Hey Graishak! I think you did a great job, especially on the freehand stars, they look much crisper and sharper. The face has got a bit more color to it too
    As a follow-up, especially now the face is not so stark, perhaps next time shade the recesses with something like a flesh-wash. These are usually more of a dark brown than a black.
    The black in the recesses of the purple cloak looks good, however, and the leathery bits look sweet.

    I think you can ramp up the exposure just a tad on your camera, so we can see a bit more of his waist and right leg, and on the back it should make his cape disappear less into the base.

    Other than that, great! Good luck with the competition!

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    Thanks Gent's :-)
    You're right... I might have chosen the wrong difficulty level to start with.
    The suggest to go for flat things for training is pretty good, I'll do some paper tryouts prior to the next exercise (and this will be a banner).
    But this would mean, I need a banner... hm... there's one Blightking box not yet oponed... I'd say those guys want to get some conversions (including a big banner then) ;-)
    Before starting with that, the 2nd unit needs to get finalized...

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    Next vampire in progress - a step in between finalizing the Blightkings... I couldn't resist to do the Vlad ;-)

    Name:  16579F82-5091-4F73-A7E5-012C231DCEBC.jpeg
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