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    The not so green knight is finished... really nice mini.
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    The free hand exercise was quite challenging ;-)
    Now I need to focus on the remaining core units...
    Again... many minis waiting for attention on my desk!

    Wanna leave a vote for the knight?

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    Next conversion ready for colouring:
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    The red and purple look nice on the green knight sculpt.

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    Loving the palette on the not so green knight, nice one!


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    Agree with other comments. Love the colour choices for your green knight.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

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    Name:  770CB259-26C9-497E-8B85-0ED33A459F43.jpeg
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    Basic layer done. Detailing to come

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    Looking good so far!!! Keep it coming

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    Moving forward...

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    Sickening , great job Grish

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    Weekend motivation pushed me to finalize this piece. So #7 of my blood knights is done... started at least to batchpaint a bit... did on three more already the red colouring.
    Mowhawk haircut reminds a bit to what could happen turning Mr. T to a vampire ... (for those who remember Mr. T) ^^
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    What's next? Currently I'm undecided between blood knight #8 and starting the first Vargheist. Will keep you posted.
    Btw. #19+20 have arrived yesterday - I bought two Bretonian knights, which will complete that unique unit.
    Looking forward to have the undead forces ready for first action... but this will take at least 10 more months...

    Wanna leave a vote for the knight?
    Here we go:

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    Voted! Liking the colour scheme, less gaudy than GW's.

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    Gotcha mate

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    Great work mate, well done.

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    Flag Bearer ready :-)
    Thanks for your feedback guys.
    More blood knights to come - conversion work to be processed the next days...

    Theme for the unit captured on flag. Does that ring a bell? ;-)
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    Working pipe is full.

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    You son Ofa Beeswax you have (1st and 3rd models) to of the greatest and highly sought after vampire model since the days of blood dragons.also great converts!!!

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    Thanks BaM. Yeah, I made it to a kind of sport to screen
    through national and international ebay auctions, in order
    to get those oop vampires. I’m proud, that I have meanwhile
    the majority of those in my collection.
    Even more fun it will be to lead those guys into battle.
    My soulblight army will consist of: lord on dragon, 20 blood knights,
    6 vargheists, on demand to be extended by 20 grave guards and 20 black

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    Another conversion finished. Mannfred, Mortarch of Night.
    The old imperial horse (from a wizard) got "upgraded" by adding orc/ogre armour to it.
    This turns the rider Mannfred into another blood knight :-) (... i.e. #9 is finished!)

    Name:  IMG_6259.JPG
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    Loaded to the library:

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    You are getting quite the nice looking army built.

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