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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Thanks for the tip I'll give it a try. You've got some great pieces here, I love the chaos stuff.

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    Great job mate! Love the trademark stamp too!

    Threw you a vote!

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    Now it's finally done - while the flag-bearer was already finished in March 2021 - his other fellas were queued for a while.
    Happy to count these now being finished. One more unit and the Blightkings are through. But for today I'm putting Chaos aside,
    as Radukar's Court arrived some time ago and I'm looking forward to these "special" undead characters.

    Here the unit:

    Name:  Blightkings unit #3 - small.jpg
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    Great update, and beautifully disgusting work, as always! Love the freehand banner!

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    I agree, this is some very cool work Graishak!

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    Radukar an his Court.
    Work ahead
    Name:  4736BE61-1470-4FE0-B19A-9E3EE94C23DB.jpeg
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    Radukar the Wolf WIP
    Name:  FE8F4260-CAFF-45F4-BC82-EC349C19F1E6.jpeg
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    Nice mate, this model is going to be a beauty! Where do they come from?

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    Thanks mouse. The gang and their leader are part of the earlier in 2021 released new AoS Soulblight units.

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    Allright - the boss is finished... now I gotta take care of his court:

    Name:  Radukar the Wolf.JPG
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    Thanks mouse :-)
    Here we go - the first member is ready:

    Next in queue are the undead ogre twins.

    Name:  Gorslav the Gravekeeper.JPG
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    Loving the undertones with the blue! Great work once again! Shifting to the voting page!

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    I agree, the blue tones on the skin adds real depth here, well done Graishak! This guy looks creepy as all hell.

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    Thanks gents :-) Happy you like it.

    The next member is finalized - Kosargi Nightguard - the other twin needs to wait in queue as I'm already progressing on the Vargskyr

    Name:  Kosargi Nightguard.JPG
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    I really like the colour scheme and I think the metallics look realistic.

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    Productive week. The Vargskyr just left the conveyor ^^
    In my army he will be better known as "the albino"...

    Name:  Vargskyr.JPG
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    Hot off the press the Vyarkos Blood-Born:
    So three guys left to finish up Radukar's court.

    Name:  Vyrkos Blood-Born_small.jpg
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