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    Nicely done and voted. Really turned out well.

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    Easter vacation is coming to its end, took the opportunity to finish the last squad of my putrid blightkings.
    Now 4 units are painted and ready (so I won't be in any worry to fullfill the battleline requirements for Nurgle ^^).

    Name:  IMG_0264.JPG
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    What's next?
    Well, there are some Brutes waiting since I don't remember when.
    I pulled one of these guys already to the desk to convert him to a nice flag bearer (was watching Avengers with my family last week - now I'm motivated to make a S.H.I.E.L.D. flag)
    Stay tuned ;-)

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    Freehand exercise in progress:
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    Very nice start! I am practicing with the "electric" look on a model right now, and not having much success! I can't wait to see this one complete!

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    Thanks guys. My latest Brute’s work is set aside for a moment; a conversion project dropped in.
    Took a nice toy spider, build a base, put a saddle on her back and found a spider priest in my Bitz-box.
    Base is now 95% done, so I glued the spider on it tonight (after putting some paint on her downside)
    Here we are so far:
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    The spider rider:
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    Itsy bitsy spider… eating up my time
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    Looking good, I like the spider rider.

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    Finally - the spider is done ;-)

    Name:  Gigantula Stapel.jpg
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    Now focus for painting is back on the brutes.
    Meanwhile a new conversion project is already in the pipeline: I found some little piggies, which need to get Gobbo Riders.
    My daughter told me, that these need to be painted as "zombie piggies" - stay tuned ^^.

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    Looking good!

    i love the effects you added on the back.

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    This looks great Graishak! You are getting some really cool looking textures on your latest models, and this one is a great example of that.
    The base is very cool too, nice water effects.

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