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    Default Fundamentals Make Me mEntAl - WIP Thread

    Over my decade-and-a-half long relationship with this hobby I've found myself taking some extended breaks on occasion where I rarely paint and turn to other hobbies for a time. While this is pretty normal, it does result in a certain amount of degradation in my painting skills because of lack of practice.

    2015 was the highlight of my painting career as I took Bronze at the Road To Crystal Brush competition; the most prestigious award I'd ever earned for my painting.

    Autumn Hunter:

    After the CMON Expo that year (where the competition was held) I deepened my involvement in other areas of the hobby: I broke off from WAMP as Review Editor and started trying to build my own review site. It had some success, but a lack of growth over the year and dwindling interest/involvement from manufacturers led to the demise of this endeavor. Which is fine, but during that time I barely painted, which wasn't fine.

    This led to a period of frustration when I began trying to paint again, because my vision outstripped my skills.

    So, starting late last year I began learning again. Between watching old Painting Buddha videos and supporting Miniature Monthly I've been exposing myself to new techniques and ideas, but still wasn't painting very often.

    However, I was beginning to see some success again. My experiment with a hybridized style of sketching (a combination of DiPietro's sketch style and Komet's "sketching lights" from one of his painting red armor videos) resulted in some success:

    It was the Miniature Monthly contest that's really brought me back into the hobby. I loved the sculpt that was chosen (Dark Sword Female Elf Ranger) and had a good concept I was able to execute reasonably well.

    I seem to have a thing for elves and autumnal colors:

    Now I'm back to continuing an old project, but in a new way.

    A good friend of mine has commissioned me to paint up his collection of Pulp style figures, and I'm using them as a foundation for learning proper Sketch Style. The current batch is a group of Oriental villians.

    So far I've only attempted the technique on one of them, and only to paint the underlying light layer. I'm looking for some feedback so I can improve in this new technique before sketching the rest of the group. After that will come the challenge of coloring them.

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    Congrats on the award
    And nice to see you painting again.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I've been using Rosemary & Co brushes for a long time, but needed to get a new size 1 brush, so I decided to give Winsor & Newton's 7 series a try.

    The new brush happened to come in on the day I was ready to lay down color on this tough looking monk, so I gave it a try. Too early to come up with any great comparison between the brush brands, but it was more than good enough for the job.

    While I'm overall happy with the general outcome, I did run into some problems with my paint consistency that I hope to learn from. My house is getting pretty dry with the cold air, so my wet palette alone doesn't seem up to the task. Next time I'll mix in a bit of flow improver and see if that helps.

    I wasn't happy with the initial coat of transparent red over the darkest shadow areas, so I came back in with some purple. That purple was too strong, but a second coat of the original transparent red really pulled everything together quite nicely. I also learned how important neatness is when working on the light layer (or value study, if you prefer).

    While there are some obvious area I'd like to improve, I'm pretty pleased with this first attempt at sketch style painting.

    Also, my client/friend approved using this style on the rest of his oriental pulp villains, so I'm going to have plenty of practice!

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    Nice progress. Btw, I really like the freehand pattern on the inside of the elf's cloak.

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    Thanks- I actually got the idea for the design based on the wall art at a restaurant I took my wife to.

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    I've let a combination of fear and annoyance at my (lack of) photography skills keep me from posting.

    I finished the first group of Oriental Pulp Villains. Well, mostly finished. I'm still toying with the idea of freehanding a dragon design on the turquoise guy's robe.

    Some other angles of the throne, which I'm pleased with:

    A long time ago I tried to start my own boutique miniatures company, similar to how JoeK got his start, but that failed pretty spectacularly. The sad thing is that I never actually painted The Squire, the miniature that started it all (I designed it, Chris Clayton sculpted it). So, I decided to try my hand at OSL and see what happens:

    And, finally, my first attempt at painting a bust:

    It's an amazing Pirate sculpt from Pegaso:

    I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted to do on the leather belt, so I started there. Also did some base coats on the vest. The next step for the belt is painting in a stamped design on the tongue.

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    Liking the look of everything you've just painted.

    I say go for the freehand dragon! Everyone learns by pushing themselves, knock it out of the park

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    Got about halfway finished on the shadows of the vest this weekend when I decided to start playing around on the other parts of the bust.

    I feel like I've got a good start on the skin. For the hat I think where it's at now will be a great highlight color, so I'll be slowly deepening the shadows.

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    the bust is coming on really nicely . good stuff.
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    The bust looks great! That sketch style is really interesting. I need to look up some info on it. The torch lighting on the squire is very interesting!

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    Everything I learned about Sketch Style is a cultivated from some of the Painting Buddha videos on YouTube and from Miniature Monthly, who I am a Patron of.

    I've always struggled with losing where the highlights are, so sketching them in before I add color helps me keep my focus.

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    A nasty sinus infection knocked me out from painting for a while. Thankfully I'm feeling better now and have made progress on the Pirate bust again.

    The stripes on the kerchief are just the beginning of a simple silver stripe pattern, based on a historical example I found of a scarf from the 17th century.

    The hat is nearly done. Now I need to add some glazes of color for the staining and weathering it's endured out on the high seas.

    I also need to at least base coat the hair before I finish the skin. I know myself and if I complete the skin before doing anything on the hair I'm sure to make a mistake and mark up the skin.

    The weekend also involved buying a new toaster oven for curing sculpey and making up some example pieces. I'm going to be teaching some sculpting fundamentals at the CMON Expo this year. Made 2 each of the examples- going to paint 1 so people can see the difference between the raw piece and how it looks painted up. Will post pics when they're painted.

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    I'm getting really close to finishing this project, and it feels great. While I've made a few blunders while trying to use 2 brush blending and loaded brush techniques, which are both relatively new to me, I'm learning and improving.

    Still left to paint:
    The pipe
    The eyes
    Complete the silver stripes on the head scarf
    Button holes
    Final touchups

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    Looks like your approach to painting is quite different, I like it. I also like the finesse lines on the head-kerchief and the general "pale" palette. Whites on the shirt look spot on too. Nice tattoo also, looks very integrated into the skin!

    Oh, and hello! ^^'
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    @maenas - different in what way? Just curious.

    I'm really happy with the tattoo. I started with the skin color and gradually added Reaper Nightmare Black until I got to a color I liked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreganTur View Post
    @maenas - different in what way? Just curious. I'm really happy with the tattoo. I started with the skin color and gradually added Reaper Nightmare Black until I got to a color I liked.
    Not quite sure, seems like a vibe to me, instead of doing a consistent basecape you seem to do a "translucent" base and "mark" some highlights and work upon them. But it's a bit difficult to judge just with pictures and I might be completely wrong. :P
    As an example on tatoos the usual approach (I think) is people do the reverse thing, paints the tatoo, then they integrate it to the skin with glazes of the skin colour.
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    My style of painting has been in flux for the past few years as I've been trying out new things. Most recently I realized that I was losing the concept of where highlights needed to go. To combat this I started doing value sketches with my priming. I prime black and then slowly add the white primer until I get the values (or lighting) looking good. Sometimes I come back and reinforce the shadows and bump up the brightest highlights with some brush work before starting on the colors, but that's not consistent.

    Doing the initial value sketch and then slowly building up the color keeps me from losing the lighting I wanted.

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    The CMON Expo was a great event, but the best part was the speed painting event. All of the instructors decided to get together and do the speed painting on Sunday just for fun (we didn't enter ours into the competition).

    It's Robb Stark from Song of Ice and Fire, painted in 90 minutes using battered craft brushes.

    Left to right (IIRC), they were painted by me, Clay Williams, Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford, Rhonda Bender, and Jen Haley.

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    It's great to see all of them side by side... It's always interesting to compare works on the same miniature... some time ago (1-2 years?) there were threads here in the forums with people painting the same miniature at the same time... that was a great experience!
    In your case you even managed to paint freehand LOL
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