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    Hi! So I a Reaper kit for X-mas, for basic painting skills. I have really enjoyed it, but I am itching to start painting my Arcadia game! I am limited on colors and wanted to know if I can use regular acrylic paints from a craft store, or if there is a necessity for a name brand like Reaper? Thanks!!

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    you can, but some (most) craft acrylics are not ground fine enough, so they can leave a rough finish.

    For basic paintjobs it's not an issue, but it's good to know that the finish(and hassle during painting) depends partly on the materials used.

    so necessity? no. Still a good thing to invest into P3/reaper/vallejo/gw/scale75/whatnot? yes.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thank you! Great information...

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    Artists’ acrylics (which are not the same thing as craft acrylics) are generally of very high quality with fine pigment grinds and are suitable for painting miniatures. However ...

    The first benefit of hobby paints such as Vallejo or Reaper is that they are already mixed to a very good consistency for painting miniatures. The second is that they come in a vast range of pre-mixed colors.

    Artist’ acrylics are thicker than hobby paints. They need thinning with a mix of water, medium, and possibly flow improver to bring them to the proper painting consistency.

    If you use artists’ acrylics you would have to mix your own colors. While a palette of twelve to fifteen single-pigment paints should give you nearly everything you need to mix colors to match anything you can buy, it takes time to learn the subtleties of how to do it.

    If you are interested in artists’ acrylics, some good lines are Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylics (​not their “Galeria” line, which is essentially craft paints); Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics (but not their “Basics” acrylics, which are essentially craft paints); or Golden acrylics of any kind (they do not make any low grade paints).

    If you just wish to experiment a little, all acrylic paints are compatible with each other and can be mixed. Pick up a tube of something interesting and you can use it alongside and mixed with your hobby paints.

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    Awesome! Thanks!! Ok, so next question - Do CMON minis need to be primed before painting? I have a spray on primer, but I feel like it's not drying right, and if it's not necessary... IDK. Let me know your thoughts please! Thanks!!

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    Well, to be honest, there are hardly any minis that MUST be primed. However, if you intend to handle them a lot (say, for gaming, as your case seems to be), they should always be primed. Display minis never need to be primed, though most people do.

    Primer adds hardness to the paint job. Therefore, you should always prime with PRIMER, not spray paint. As for not drying right, what are you using, and how is it not right?

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    Well I am using a spray primer. Citadel brand. It just left some streaks I'm dealing with. It's not terrible and honestly something I think is my error with using it, but I didn't want to mess up the detail on the mini. Thank you!

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    Just make sure that it is room temperature, and prime in many short bursts, don't just let loose, then you'll drown the model.

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