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    Getting past the "you're a spammer" thing. Nothing to see here, move along to the next post.
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    Let's get right to it. For the foreseeable future this thread will mostly be about WarmaHordes since I'm mostly burnt out on anything 40k and me, my brother, and a mutual friend and jumping into the Privateer Press stuff. I played Khador back when 1st ed dropped but the local meta quickly became the same Cygnar list for about 80% of the players and it gold real old real quick.

    We're each going to start with a battle box while we learn the game and slowly build up armies from there, and I picked up a new Khador Mk 3box from my LGS that had a lot of PP stuff on clearance. I got out of the game before PP brought in the plastic stuff and I heard horror stories about how funky the plastic could be to clean up, reacting badly to files for instance, so I was a little hesitant to use the new plastic battle box jacks instead of my old metal ones. The converter in me quickly decided the plastic ones would suit me much better because I could do some of the more dramatic, action-y poses that I had wanted to do with the metals all those years ago with the enormous PITA of actually converting large, heavy, metal figures.Like this Juggernaut, for example.

    The grey parts are replacements PP sent due some bad miscasts in the battle box and because these figures are molded in red, they photograph like they're almost neon and glowing so I desaturated and darkened the red in PhotoShop. Almost all of this Juggernaut was done simply by heating up specific parts and bending them to a new position. Nothing was cut, and the only pins in it are a single pinto join the legs to the pelvis, and another to join the torso to the midsection.

    Ialso did some tweaking on Kozlov's cape by heating it up and givingit a more realistic shape by draping it against his leg on the backand some motion on the front like the wind was blowingit.

    I've also begun work on a Vlad conversion because, well... this is what Vlad prime looks like.

    I had a Vinter Raelthorne figure that would be a good base and got to work with the Dremel to remove the details I didn't want and from there sculpting began. Since I consider Vlad's shoulder pads to be completely ridiculous, they won't be getting any larger than this (I hope).

    I wanted his chest plate to resemble Vlad 2's, which you can barely see once his arms are attached.

    While working on this, the flighty muse inside my head decided I needed to do some converting work on a Skorne Bronzeback that I recently dugout of the closet with all the other WarmaHordes stuff.

    First was widening the torso so it fit better with its belt and hip armor, which was simply leaving a gap in the front when I pinned the two torso halves together.

    Filling the large gaps in his back mane.

    Reposing the torso to stand up a little straighter and filling the now visible hollow in his belly with wadded up aluminum foil and superglue to cut down on the amount of greenstuff needed later.

    The next step was to be a simple reposing of the left arm to look like he was about punch someone's lights out when I decided that his chest and shoulder muscles didn't look quite right - mostly too flat - and that I needed to bulk him up to correct that. You can also see where I began filling in his left side.

    Temporarily gluing on the head and right arm to check the overall look of the figure with the work done.

    And then finishing up the rest of the sculpting on the torso and doing another temp glue check.

    I'm calling it done on the Bronzie for now and will be getting back to the Vlad conversion for the next post.

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    Getting back to work on Vlad now.

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    Some cool conversion work going on here.

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    I meant to post here before but I forgot (as usual) solid greenstuff work and your Vlad is looking better than the huge shoulder pad version

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    I've been wondering how I'm going to do the head with trying to remove the eye patch, and some idea where to have the hair on the left side of his head blowing across his face to cover it up, and then today I checked the bits store for Privateer Press and Vlad 3's two head options are available separately and I think I may pick up the one with the helm to put on this conversion.

    As for the arms, I'm not sure why to do with them yet as far as posing and I'm open to suggestions.

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    Vlad's wasp waist is gone and the muscles sculpted into the sides of his armor.

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    I think he'd look good holding his sword in both hands ready to swing it but I don't think the shoulders are in the right position for that

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    Actually, that's what the original figure was doing.

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    Arm pose idea.

    I admit it's not terribly original, but it works.

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    Really good green stuff work, the model is looking grand

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    And I'm back again with my WarmaHordes stuff because I'm just burned out on GW for now and really want to try to get some models painted and done. I've decided to focus on one faction for now which will be my Skorne primarily because they're some of my favorite models from PP and the paint scheme I'm wanting to do is simple, but hopefully striking and effective across an entire army. I had an cyclops brute that was still primed from years ago so he became my test figure. It's my original idea I had years ago when I first got into Hordes, based on a suit of a samurai armor I saw online back then that was shiny black armor plates with bright orange cording, bronze accents (the yellow-green bronze, not the copper/gold looking brass), and a medium grey color for the clothing under the armor.

    Since I had a cyclops brute that was already primed, he became the test subject for my paint scheme.

    I have a Rhinodon, and I really don't like the way the model looks compared to the artwork for it:

    The rhinodon surgery plan:

    After lots of drilling, test fitting, gluing, pins not lining up right, then cursing and more drilling:

    Not sure if I want to leave his abdomen bare or give him some kind of armor like most of the Skorne warbeasts have:

    And a size comparison with a Gladiator and my converted Bronzeback:

    Last, but not least, is the beginning of a Makeda conversion because I don't like her stock pose.

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    So I opened my big mouth about painting one of my brother's minis as a Christmas gift, and he gave me this giant hunk of pewter.

    The base it came with is way to narrow and it falls over if you look at it too hard, so I cut it away and ground down the base under the feet and pinned it to something much more stable. I'm trying out the contrast sketch thing with this one, using a zenithal spray from above its left shoulder.

    The skin tones are multiple layers of glazes and I really like how it's turning out.

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    That's looking really great! The skin tones look good, and the texture on the shoulder plate/pad is cool. I dig the model too, awesome pose.

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    That shoulder pad is already looking gnarly and the skin tones are creating some nice depth to the muscles.

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    Great looking conversions. Handsome ogre, too,

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    The shoulder pad is supposed to be rusty and gross, but I think it came out looking more like old, chipped paint.

    Almost done with the front belly shield.

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    Your bronze back is very well converted. The new pose looks much more dynamic.

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    Thanks! I had a good reference from a bronze bird statue my brother found a while back that was sitting out in the weather for an unknown amount of time.

    So, aside from sealing this guy, he's done.

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