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    Looking good buddy. Verdigris and flesh is really nice.

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    Very rarely do I accept commissions because of some really terrible experiences when I first got into the 40k hobby (mostly painting, but a couple of conversion/sculpting jobs), and what I've found to be an even bigger problem than a customer who wants the world for pennies and constantly changes their mind is flat out not being interested in the paint job or conversion at all. I had a couple run over a deadline because some days I just couldn't muster up the interest enough to do any work on it. Recently, I was approached by someone I was friends with on another forum who was making an Imperial Guard kill team out of some old Judge Dredd metal minis and wanted to have an ogryn converted to look like one of the judges. It really helped that I used to collect 2000AD comics and was already a fan, but the idea of an ogryn judge sounded awesome and hilarious to me.

    Here's the photo I was sent with his proposal to show me what condition the figure was currently in:

    The weapons were going to be a power maul and a shield and didn't need anything done to them, so I was just going to get the body and was asked to sculpt the helmet, sleeves on the arms, knee and elbow pads, and boots. Here's some of the progress pics I sent to show progress and to make sure it was going in the direction he wanted.

    And finished!

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    I've also started on a gift for a friend's birthday with an original metal Dire Troll Mauler from Hordes. There's a ton of gap filling to be done on that old model, and I also had to add my own touch by adjusting the pose a little bit and beefing up some of the musculature. For anyone unfamiliar with the Trollbloods, the full blood trolls have these stony growths that sprout from their skin and can be seen taken to the extreme on the Mulg the Ancient and Mountain King models. I wanted this DTM to look a little older than the standard model with some large stone growths on him. In this pic you can see where I pinned some bits of plastic sprue into the existing shoulder growths to extend them.

    I wasn't sure initially how large I wanted them to be, so I left the sprue pieces a bit long.

    And here they are finished, using a 50/50 mix of GS and Milliput to get a hard surface that would allow me get some very sharp angles on the facets of the growths.

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    Nice conversions. I really like the work on Judge Ogre.

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    Clever and incredible work with the green and the sculpting work.

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    Really great work, and I'm amazed at how sharp the edges of the armor appear. How do you get such clean edges on the sculpt; is it process/technique, or product that you are using?

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeebs View Post
    Really great work, and I'm amazed at how sharp the edges of the armor appear. How do you get such clean edges on the sculpt; is it process/technique, or product that you are using?
    Extra firm clay shapers are what I do 99% of my sculpting with and they really help creating sharp edges, but some of it is using a fresh XActo blade to scrape down any flat areas that weren't completely smooth or sharpening up some edges. On the Ogryn I used straight greenstuff.

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    Really amazing work. You've really given both models a tremendous amount of personality!

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    Bronzeback titan modeling work is now done.

    The secondary right arm is omitted because I forgot about while working on the primary right arm and now there's not room for it to fit. I filled in the little hole in his side where the peg on the arm would go and put a little lump of textured GS on that spot to represent an amputation or maybe a birth defect.

    Dire troll mauler almost done needing only his tusks on the lower jaw and a bit more GS work on his extended loin cloth from the leg repose.

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    Hat's off to ya on these...I stopped in to a local gaming store today, and looked at these exact models. The repose/bulking up you've done on these models really does help add a dynamic presentation of the character. I will say that I was a bit disappointed to see the mixed plastic/metal kits, as I was contemplating putting some metal in my model painting line up. If I do, indeed, grab some of these, I hope you would take it as a compliment if I attempt to duplicate what you've shown here. Again, I think you've done a fantastic job adding some movement and interest to these otherwise vanilla sculpts.

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    Yeah, the new plastic dire troll mauler is... not awesome. I wasn't a fan of the plastic re-sculpts because they changed so much of its look from the metal one. The bronzeback is still a good sculpt, but I really didn't like the stock pose at all and I enjoy trying to give my figures a sense of motion. If you want to nab these poses as inspiration, go right ahead!

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    DTM build stage finished! I added the tusks... and more muscles on the shoulders and neck. Because the voices told me to.

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    Intressting work, will follow you to see more nice things.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    I'm always impressed how some people are talented with greenstuff when I suck at it.
    The Bronzeback titan skin is pretty nice. Great job!

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    Thanks, Kretcher!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter0015 View Post
    I'm always impressed how some people are talented with greenstuff when I suck at it.
    The Bronzeback titan skin is pretty nice. Great job!
    Greenstuff is pretty horrible to work with and has a steep learning curve. I was terrible with it for years but I kept working at it because I had so many conversion ideas I wanted to be able to do. I did a short little video on how I get smooth greenstuff that might be helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDXJy4V0dVI

    Making some progress on the DTM painting.

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    Thanks for the video, I allready tried to smooth greenstuff with water but never thought using oil, seems much better thoug, thansk for the tip!
    For now I'm more comfortable with miliput (yellow one), even if it's more feeted for basing work imoo. And green stuff seems better for minis/convertions.

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    I have a question, how difficult using the oil makes the painting?
    I.e. how well will the primer or paint adhere to the green stuff? Will it evaporate "soon" (e.g. in 2 days, till the GS cures)? Do I need to wash it with soap?

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    You will need to wash the mini, but I scrub all my minis with soap and an old toothbrush prior to priming whether or not I did any GS work on it.

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