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Thread: Where do you sell your painted miniatures

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    Question Where do you sell your painted miniatures

    So I am just curious where do other painters sell their work? So far the only place I see as a option is eBay. But those bastards went from 10% tax on overall price to 12.50%. I mean damn... Need to pay the listings, extras and then final fees just for that service that is actually pretty bad if you are not in America. It's horrible...

    So any advice? I did make a facebook page, but so for just a few messages and nothing other than that :/

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    Hey, selling painted miniature isn't easy, especially when you want to have a fair price. I have some followers (7000 Facebook and 6000 Instagram) and some good ratings here, but I don't sell many of my finished models. I have very many open comissions where i paint specific models for clients. But it is all about markting, showing many models and making good pictures, share them on platforms. And maybe an interested client will write you. But there are many profesinals like never before (at least in my opinion) so it's a hard business. Try to see it relaxed and focus improve your skills and creating models you like. When someone wants a model: Nice. If not keep on going I don't think that ebay works very good. Sure if you have a huge fanbase and many, many clients maybe, but if not you will sell models for 1-3 Euros for a worked hour.

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    Etsy has been very good to my fiancé’s business “heroes for war games” I do the studio but for this lil moneymaker. So the thing is they charge 20% of total sales. They also have fees to and for advertising . This advertisement part is very important if youde like maximum exposure for your Etsy business. If it were me doing it ide have all 3 linked up the Facebook linked to the eBay linked to the Instagram. That’s maximum exposure for your models to get out there. If your feeling the fees are killing your profits either boost up your prices and/or boost up your output and generate more work. In the end the fees aren’t that bad if your pushing out work.some folks like myself and my love Janet have 2 types of avenues buyers can look into 1) the commission part for those who want their models painted up ( I think this is what you do along with many others) and 2) you can have the Etsy page that sells anything else like PREPAINTED MODELS. In our Etsy page we have an inventory of 187 models. Some large some vignettes , single, single TT , single display , mounted models , units and others from $20.00 up to over 100ds of dollars. The inventory is extensive and has models from not only many categories but many diff companies. This is lucrative for us but again they take $20.00 / $100.00 it’s a very fair cut. Hope this helps.

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