Just wanted to clarify a situation we had in my first game of Arcadia Quest last night. We did the first easy level of the AQ campaign. Here’s the situation;

1)Hero 1 moves into a square with an Orc Marauder and the blue Quest token for the Lost Weapons quest. Hero 1 kills the Orc but not overkill and the Orc manages to kill Hero 1.
2)Hero 1 picks up the blue quest token and claims the weapon reward (which I’m assuming was the wrong thing to do because Hero 1 didn’t actually clear the square of monsters before dying… but stay with me). Hero 1 drops the blue token back in the square and all other Hero’s receive a gold for a monster killing a hero.
3)Later on, Hero 2 moves into the square the claims the blue quest token. My question is,

a) does Hero 2 receive the weapon from Hero 1 (should have dumped the weapon when he was killed... yeah I know, shouldn't have picked it up at all but what if Hero 1 died in a later turn),
b) Hero 2 receive the second weapon sitting on the quest title card (which I think would be silly because there are two specific tokens out on the board),
c) Just bad luck (doesn’t get a weapon) and receive a gold coin at the end of the game for having completed another one of the 3 quests to end the round?

Any advice would be great.