Munitorum Varnish...Purity Seal that works?
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Thread: Munitorum Varnish...Purity Seal that works?

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    Default Munitorum Varnish...Purity Seal that works?

    Hello all,
    Fairly new here so I apologize if I searched incorrectly before posting this question: Does the new Munitorum Varnish actually work? I know that GW has had "issues" with the Purity Seal for a while, but this was supposedly a new formula that "works" Has anyone used it and had success? I'm looking for a nice seal for my gaming models and this was my first thought, I haven't really researched any others.

    I don't own an airbrush so a can is my current thought process, and I figured if this is their new stuff, it should be better...right?

    Thank You all in advance.
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    If anyone has any other suggestions for a sealer I would greatly appreciate them.

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    Testors dullcote is the best spray varnish on the market. it's the only one that wont haze on you. 3 thin coats is super tough and very matte.
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    I appreciate the response Zab, Thank You.
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