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    I've never shared much of what I paint and even then it's only usually the finished mini(, so I thought I'd start sharing what I'm working on before it's done.

    I'll start with a WIP that's very much nearly done, a house Terryn Knight. All the painting is done and all that's left is for me to do some weathering. It's not something I've tried my hand at before as I've always painted Space Marines and I like the clean look, but weathering does add character to a model so I'd like to get better at applying it.

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    I've tried my hand at applying battle damage to an old bike i'm using for a base, which was done by brush rather than sponge, purely as i have no sponges to hand...

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    I'm also working on a Tau Commander and Ghostkeel, as well as some Blood Raven Aggressors, but they are just in component form right now and aren't very interesting to look at so I'll share some pictures of them when it gets more interesting!

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    Looks great, my only issue with it is that the gold looks quite flat, needs some good high contrast to get that shiny look, just my opinion, can't help much on the weathering side, improved clean looking minis too

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    Aye i see what you mean, I did drybrush the upper edges of the gold with Silver but the Matte varnish i've used seems to have dulled it. I'll have to go over it again with a brush instead so it doesn't fade again when i seal in the weathering.

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    sweet jesus christ on a cracker that knight is magnificent
    if it's not a dwarf, i'm not interested.

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    Cheers Larry! Sadly I've not done any work on him since my last post as I'm waiting on weathering powders to arrive.

    I've been grinding away at getting the basecoat onto the Tau Commander and Ghostkeel, now working on applying the washes.

    Here's a couple of pics showing the before and after with washes.
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    I hate painting white, even if airbrushes make it much easier to get a smooth coat, it makes the smallest mistakes stand out even more! But at least edge highlighting will sort 99% of the unsightly tide marks.

    Sorting out my next project as well, a Lieutenant for my Salamanders. I tried experimenting with airbrushing on highlights but while i like the end effect it doesn't quite match the green of my other marines. I've no idea how people manage to get such detailed gradients with an airbrush, think I'll stick to doing it by brush

    Here he is next to a pair of legs and a fully painted marine. I'm hoping that once the details are painted then he'll start to fit in more.
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    Ghostkeel and commander are now finished, i didnt include much WIP of either of those but here's one of the finished shots for each. Looking much more tidy after highlights!

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    I gave the lieutenant a cover with gloss varnish to protect the paint job, however what i didn't know is that gloss varnish makes it very hard for paint to stick to! So i gave him a coat of matte varnish to help the paint stick, and while it did for some colours, some didn't stick and I've had to give it another coat of varnish, here's hoping that's the final one for now!
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    I had the wrong camera settings on for this one, which is why it's a bit darker than the one above.
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    The dark grey and brown is going to be NMM gold and silver, so it does look a bit dull right now. I prefer to get all the base colours down first rather than working on one to completion.

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    Ahhh, I do miss Tau. Very first models I ever painted (spray them red, paint the cloth black, done). They’re looking really nice and clean, superb smoothness. I would try pushing the highlights on the red a little further though.

    Lieutenant’s looking great so far.
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    I'd normally push them a bit further but I'm painting the Tau up for a friend and he doesn't want too much time spent on each.

    Finished the silver NMM on the lieutenant, although i think it needs a bit of a blue tint, so i might glaze over it with some thinned guilliman blue then redo the pure white highlights.

    Pics here, lighting is different from the first pics as these are taken in the evening and i don't have a consistent lightbox setup.

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    Painting the tiny bits between the teeth of the chainsword is a nightmare!
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    Gold nearly completed now, just need to deepen the shadows a bit with some red glaze, and then re-do all the white highlights as they were all just hit with a yellow glaze, same goes for the silver as that was glazed with blue and needs re-shiny-ing.

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    Not liking the skulls on this mini, every single one of them seems to have a different sculpt and it's a nightmare. The wreath on his leg is all broken and missing chunks from it as well. I forgot how much i hated finecast.

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    No matter the skull consistency, the models are looking great, mate!
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    Thanks Meph & Canny!

    Nearly done with this marine now, finished the silver, gold, green, and a few other bits n bobs last night. Just the parchment/Robe/Lenses to go, as well as deciding what to do on his empty shoulder pad.

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    You may hate it, but your white on the Tau is beautiful. The marine is also looking very sharp.

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    Cheers! He's finished now, next time i'll choose a mini with a little less gold on when i'm doing NMM, it tends to be quite time consuming and i'm looking forward to painting something simpler

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    Next up is some Tau drones and a Cadre Fireblade!

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