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    Hello All!

    I am new to Arcadia Quest, and I have been really enjoying playing it with my kids. We have played the original game five times now, and I am thinking we have misunderstood the rules to ranged attacks. The way that it was explained to me, while demoing the game at my local game store, is as follows: If a hero attacks a monster (x) at range and there are no monsters close to the hero, then that hero is not attacked. The only way a hero attacking a monster at range is if there are other monsters close to the hero? Is this correct? If so it seems to negate monsters having ranged abilities. It seems that a monster attacked at range would still get a retribution action, regardless of whether it has a ranged ability, and would, at the very least be able to move toward the hero. This said the example in the rule book does not overtly state this in the example of ranged attacks prompting attacks by near by enemies.

    Can anyone clarify these rules for me please?

    thanks in advance,


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    Any monster that is attacked (ranged or melee) may perform a payback; it can use a ranged attack if it has one.

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