Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up to any who might have some cash. I'd love to get these auctions but I'm a little strapped for cash after the holidays. Just wanted to share with others.

Proto Vert Tank and Clockwork troopers and Plague Troopers

I would love to get a hold of this for the extra plague troopers alone but $100 is waaaaay out there for this IMO. If anyone is interested, go have a look.

Dice Tower

1 sexy looking Rivet Wars dice tower. I'm unsure if $50 is worth it but it's just out of my range currently. If anyone in the community is interested, though, I would prefer it end up here then in the trash somewhere.

There's a few others things up, some for deals and some being sold for ludicrous amounts. Feel free to check it out, guys.