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    I've recently become interested in getting a hobby light. Through the minimal amount of research that i've done i've found that the Tri-tube LED by Lightraft and the Daylight Company Natural Light X-Large LED (I think they may have a newer one?). I was just looking for some information/suggestions regarding hobby lamps that are well renowned in the miniature painting community, and Any any opinions on these.

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    I have been using a variant of this lamp once I saw several of the painting teachers use them in place of the provided lights at a couple cons. It folds down fairly small, is "portable" enough when you take the base off for transit (need to reinstall base at destination) and provides great light.


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    I use “ott light” the same lamp they used for judging at North American golden demon competitions when it was in full swing. When you paint by lamps in general you get used to painting without mistakes. This is do to every non smooth coat, blemish, brushstroke, and chalky looking areas scream out at you. By the time the model looks good painted in this lamp the model looks super professionally painted in general light. Ott light!!!

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