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    As a mediocre painter, I don't know whether it is encouraging or discouraging to see such a talented artist unhappy with such amazing work! But you gotta do what you gotta do...

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    Pfffftttt quitter!!!!! Hahaha

    just kidding mate.... looking forward to your next project.

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    Hey thanks guys! No matter where you are at, novice, intermediate, advanced or pro when you lose motivation it affects the painter.

    I slowly started on this guy and also I started to be a patron on Bohun's patreon, trying to motivate myself and help me get my jojo back.

    Name:  20190228_192941.jpg
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    These vampire bust are really nice. Glad to see you back at MAM.

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    Wonderous job yet again MaMs

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    That is one awesome mad man (I am referring to the Mini. Lol).

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    Really dig the color treatment to the crystal like structures on the red/green eyed monster. Looks really impressionist!

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    Default Awwwwww

    hells to the bells!!!

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    So scary! I love it!

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    Always find your layering process interesting Joce, quite a unique style I think. Not sure how I would go about replicating it either!

    Lovely start on thar Rudyk bust and I've previously commented on the Confrontation guy on Instagram....really nice work mate.

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    Hey thanks guys! Sorry I had not much time to post here lately but I got a few days off and I should post some more pictures of the Dwarf!

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    It’s cool Joce -take yo time. But now , give us more!!!!
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    Absolutely superb bro !!!! I’m really loving the direction that skin is going!!!

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    No shit!!!!! Great shots is more like it!!! way of the wicked!!!

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    The eyes, man, the eyes; they truly appear to be glowing. Way to go! Keep it coming.

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    Thanks guys!

    @Debeebs, thanks man and to come back on the crystals of the dwarf's base, it was one of those moment I feel like I am in a transe and let my artistic mind take over. I am glad you noticed it!

    More pictures of Yh-Ibenseth:

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