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    Looking good!

    What do you use for liquid mask, as you seem to have really good luck with it? I bought some of the achtung blue stuff, but after reading how horribly liquid mask fails, I've been reluctant to try it. Any advice?

    The rune symbols on the glove are a nice touch! Keep it coming!

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    I really do love your freehand skill joce. From whether your doing just freestyle or planned illustrations I’ve seen all of it and watched it and embraced it . You have come back from the dead in your personal life as well as your painting career. Your greatest asset is your perseverance and NEVER say QUIT attitude. Really great to see this latest example of all you embody.

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    Thanks guys! Thanks John my man you'r to kind.

    @Dab, with Seraphim it was the first time ever I had tried liquid mask, I guess I was lucky to find a good one. After the Lady Sibilla fiasco I really questioned myself, if I want to paint like I really want I need liquid mask especially with my metallic paints, can't take the chance to destroy some finished part with these. So I when on the greenstuffworld shop and found they have some, they make really good stuff over there so I trusted their stuff. Their liquid mask is genius! Easy to apply and so easy to remove, wont stick at all. It's made out of natural rubber diluted in acetone. The only problem is their integrated brush in the bottle is not super precise so you need to sacrifice a brush just for that and it's a bit a drag to clean the brush. Without this stuff I don't know where my painting would of ended, it's a must for me now.

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    I have to say your freehand and metallic work amaze me. I still really need to learn and practice freehand

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    @equipage, thanks! Freehand takes a lot of practice indeed.

    I haven't been doing anything for a month due to another small assignment at my job but should be at the desk soon enough. In the meantime here is a gift I bought for myself. It was more than time to upgrade my cheapest airbrush.

    Name:  IMG_20190415_163138_359.jpg
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    Epic work stellar showmanship!!!

    Could look af this all day.

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    How you finding that Infinity Joce? Keeping track of your progress on Insta as always, good to see this one coming together after your struggles with the last bust.

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    Thanks guy!

    @Hairster, that airbrush is so ridiculously sharp! It's so nice you don't even want to put paint in it, and there is a function at the tip that let you control how much you want the trigger to go back, so you sure only a certain amount of paint is ejected. I just love it! Just need more practice with how to thin my paints. It speed up my painting by 5x no kidding.

    Can't wait to finish touch ups, assemble and take official pictures.

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    Came out really clean in the end Joce. How big is she?

    Definitely interested to see what you can do with that new airbrish now you have it, I think it will give you a whole new level of control over tones for the larger expanses of skin etc that are never easy to tackle with just a brush.

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    Thanks Phil! She's 1/12 scale I think, the tattoo looks bigger then actually is, it's really tinny. The airbrush is fantastic, definitely will help me with a lot of things, get one when you can you wont regret it!

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    Probably one of your best -I live it. Very tidy -wonderful color composition. It’s my fav from you so far. And that’s saying a ton!!!!

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    Very cool work. Btw that purple on the corset is a gorgeous color.

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    Outstanding work on this latest figure bro, that freehand tat is exceptional... a really nice job!!!

    oh and by the way I had this little gem pop up in my news feed on Facebook the other day, watch those fingers bro

    Name:  C29D9B81-25B3-498A-A57F-980C927829B6.jpeg
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    I have a feeling this might be a vision of things to come!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    I have a feeling this might be a vision of things to come!!!
    With the demon returning to the US, I would say it’s definitely on the cards

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    the mini is coming out really good. That tattoo is coming out awesome!


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