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    Very nice looking work there Joce !!! A very staunch looking squad

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    @CC; thanks mate! I hope it shows that I putted a bit of extra effort than usual on the basing stuff.

    I got a big project going on now also, big basing project! With lots of strange folk in it! I will keep you guys posted when I am ready, i keep a secret for now.

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    Well it certainly does show... a bit of envy here, I have never really delved into basing stuff, just a boring rocks and sand guy here (oh and the odd scattered skull), but gotta start using some of the cool basing material which is available, really makes a huge difference to the finished project. Looking forward to seeing what your next projects going to be....

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    I will post it again here so it's not at the very end of page 1...

    Protectors Squad

    Name:  IMG_8416 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8422 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8428 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8428 (3).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8434 (2).JPG
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    boom boom nice work buddy great vegetation and smart looking base! these guys are great.

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    Screw all you- he’s my friend and brother- only I have the right to say ———THATS MY BOOOOOY!!! I feel like I’m looking at my own projects—- ahh a father couldn’t be happier than when his son “DETHRONES HIM” !!!! You my friend are a combo of Joce , Bohun , and
    BAM!!!!thatmakesyou MAMS .

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    That base is just so lush-looking. It looks like an old temperate forest floor, to the point that it reminds me of some spots in the Ardennes.
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    Thanks guys, I am so happy you like the base!

    Since my Exelsy Bust never came... Been 2 months! I never do business with Ares Mytholigic ever again, what a joke! After 1 month of waiting for my bust I e-mail their costumer services they answer 2 days later! Just tell me something like "oh yeah we checked, your order was not sent, sent today sorry." Nothing like "oh shiets we apologized, we sent this express right away, so so sorry" So After 2 months still of waiting for that damn bust! I am saying fuck it I am starting other projects, my curse with the chicks models continue... Yeah cause I got Norska from Figone too but I broke to sword! It's so delicate any repair from my part will show I am sure, it's just the tinny bit tip, now it looks like it looks, like a broken sword!

    <+++ Chick models curse

    So on the table I've got this cool Japanese Kit, this one is a Izakaya Restaurant plastic kit 1/60, I love Japan !!!

    Name:  IMG_8435.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8436.jpg
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    I also got my "secret" no more project, I have been hacking at this and the squad base all week end.

    Still in early stage, I am just creating scenarios, nothing carved in stone!

    Oh and if you must know... It's a pixie and his house...

    Name:  IMG_8439.jpg
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Size:  1.12 MB

    Sorry for the neck pain.

    I also got this guy, I want to try new metal technique on him.

    Name:  IMG_8438.jpg
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    Lot of projects, big, small, fun, all kind.
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    U makin me want to get some of these guy . . . I must finish what I started and also this year is paint more than you buy so if I want them I gotta paint MORE! Its a bugger about the chick curse.

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    Holy crap, that is going to be an awesome diorama.

    ...and those protectors are not only gorgeous, but you finished a whole squad including basing in BAM time. You obviously enjoyed the effort, so congrats on getting off on a new great start.

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    Thanks guys golden!

    @Canny; don't get this if you don't want crap, I abandon tonight, they just sucks! Not wonder why they sell them cheap cause they are!

    @KB; thanks buddy really appreciate! Yeah the dio is going to take a massive amount of time! Not for tomorrow. Not quick like the last guys!

    Like I said before, not going to paint these stomcasts from that box I lost all motivation and interest in them while starting cleaning then. I will pick up another box of Paladins someday.

    My new bits box LOL

    Name:  IMG_8445.jpg
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    Ok! Progression on the massive project, that tree alone is crazy slow.

    Name:  IMG_8440.jpg
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    There will be 2 Piskies hidden in the cave so I made a little crystal cluster to add even more details, so far I got well the star M. Sprite, there will be Piskies one pixie maybe a flying cat some little mushroom folks we will see if there's room for more. These are all characters from Celtic folklore.

    Can't wait to prime but not finished with this base for a while...

    Name:  IMG_8443.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8444.jpg
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    Since the cheap stomcast got me thinking I putted back Nosrka on the table, so what broken sword, so what broken horn, I will try my best and it will be fine I am sure! The chick models curse was on the other me not the new me.

    I got some nasty ideas in mind, like disturbing micro freehand stocking on her legs and micro freehand underwear, there will not be any leaf in front I am telling you this. Well that is what I have in my insane mind!

    Name:  IMG_8446.jpg
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    Update on Norska XXX 18+;

    I need to smooth out the hole I filled with magic sculpt but you have an idea.

    Name:  IMG_8450.jpg
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    In the back I removed the mini skirt, it shows still a bit on the right side but the sword cover it on the left it's smooooothh.

    Name:  IMG_8451.JPG
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Size:  1.90 MB

    I still don't know what kind of freehand I will try, lace/stocking or tattoo. I hope I get to that, this miniature is so fragile!

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    Tattoos would seem more 'natural', but stockings might give an interesting bedroom-roleplay vibe...

    Oh, and I'd do something about that bulge on her crotch, that just looks off.
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    FW Space Marine
    Blood Angel Army Project
    -"Alien fart bubbles. It's all one needs in life to find direction and motivation."- Digganob

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    I’m sure whatever you do it will result in some amazing freehand work. I like the idea of a tattoo!!!

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    Thanks guys! I think I will go tattoo because the sword will be in the way for me to do a great stocking job, I will find another female character preferably bigger scale for stocking. There's no way I am doing the sword separately and then glue it there NO NO NO! Only the shield will be painted separate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meph View Post

    Oh, and I'd do something about that bulge on her crotch, that just looks off.

    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post

    I need to smooth out the hole I filled with magic sculpt but you have an idea.

    Magic sculpt is the exact same color than the resin, I am not done reshaping that area I was waiting for the magic sculpt to dry.
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    Update on Norska XXX18+;

    Tomorrow I prime, after these pictures I worked on the sleeve and the waist, what a disaster this cast was! I still going to need to hide some areas with either freehand or basing material. Nice sculpt but what a disastrous cast... Only because I felt in love I kept hacking and hacking. You guys have no idea what I have in mind do you heh! LOL

    Legs, arms, back everything was off on this shitty cast! But I still love her!

    Name:  IMG_8454 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8456 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8455.JPG
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    Stop looking !

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    the finished storm cast squad is excellent. really atmospheric, well done.

    looking forward to seeing what you do with the next project.

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    Just put that chuck up as is with the view of the back- GOLD - lol 10/10 lol seriously she’s right up our I mean your alley!!! Sword not bad at all. Looks fine as is. This happens to me a lot. Again let me stipulate you can paint this as is. If the rest of your are anal what one can do in the future is Clío off the lil 90 angle ends that make the square points and it will go back to a pointed tip. Only for those who are anal. My rule of thumb for broken pieces is “ if it can’t be glued back in and you can’t sculpt another than simply use clippers sparingly to TAKE AWAY!”

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    Thanks Coyote and BAM! You guys are golden!

    It's fine broken!

    Finally some paint in, the big metals are pretty done, I will do the little strap rings and belt ornament later.

    Norska 18+ Oh forgot to mention!! New metal technique!!

    Name:  IMG_8457 (6).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8457 (3).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8460 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8458 (3).JPG
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    I will stop the skin for now and move to other details, worked the metals even more.

    Name:  IMG_8466 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8478 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8478 (3).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8477 (2).JPG
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