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    Quote Originally Posted by Canny View Post
    Yeah haa congratulations! I know you would be happy to know you just got 90 on PnP!

    I have that farseer too. I look forward to seeing how we tackle it! I like the cosmos plan. you can never have to many Orcs!!!

    Thanks Canny but my gold medal is going to have to wait it's not 90 it's a 89.5 Hopefully by tomorrow! This is really over the top! I am so happy!

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    I've been quietly watching here I'm not a big fan of orcs so I've refrained from posting but the orc looks great with the goblin, looking forward to the farseer too, always been curious about eldar but never seem to get round to trying any (I think because a lot of their cooler squads are only in finecast) if I could vote on p+p I'd bump you up to gold, need 3 more projects though which at my pace pace could be years lol

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    Gold medal achieved well done indeed!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Gold medal achieved well done indeed!!!

    I can finally tell myself mission accomplish! All these years I dream of that...

    28 votes and counting, and many of them are from the top guys! All gold votes except for one bronze and one silver. and the bronze and silver are not from the top guys.

    Name:  pp.jpg
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    I’m not gonna say I told you so ......buttttttt.......I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! now get moving plenty more unpainted minis that need some live and compassion.

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    Congratulations! I love the originality of the approach- and very well executed! It's got gears turning in my head for ways to approach future projects.

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    Congratulations Joce!!
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    Bloody well done mate. Really well done.. I hope to achieve that.. debating weather to put my lord of change on pnp when done.. depends how it turns out.. I’m no where near that good.. only way is up right.


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    Thanks all! Iron heart on P&P is at 92.5 34 votes! No doubt this is my best piece ever.

    As for here in the gallery I am in the new and notable and the votes when rocket high, the crowds is a bit tougher here I am at 9.0 for 54 votes, I was 9.2 before they put me in the "shooting gallery"

    Some Orc coming soon


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    Back to reality...

    I finished prepping one of these guys, what a pain!

    Name:  IMG_9019 (2).JPG
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    Third one of the Trackers of Bran-O-Kor, (Orc clan) ready to be painted and give life.

    Name:  IMG_9022 (2).JPG
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    Hey Joce if you have an orc extra like this guy let me see em I want to buy.

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    I got a case full of Orcs, not these particular one the orc clan is really rare, but some other cool orc I'll PM you bro.

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    Well done Joce, you deserve every bit of that gold rating!!! Iron heart is a work of art mate and is definately one of my favourite figures I’ve seen (don’t know why but there’s something about this piece which is quite alluring)...
    anyways, the orc clan is coming along fantastic, looking forward to seeing them all together, but what I’m really looking forward to is how you tackle those twig people should be interesting!!!

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    well done joce, well deserved score. where do keep getting all these awesome orcs from? they are so cool. cant wait to see the continuation of project orc.
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    Congrats on that bust, glad it's getting recognition. I'm very interested in these Sylvaneth, there's like no metal there, very different for you.

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    Thanks all! Really happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by fluisterwoud View Post
    there's like no metal there

    Or there is

    Ok enjoy the show sorry for the music I don't know how to get rid of it

    Update on the orc;

    Really early start

    Name:  IMG_9059 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_9060 (2).JPG
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    Congrats on getting gold and new and notable mate, when my boob goblin was there the votes soared through the roof and it stays in the top submissions bit for 2 weeks or so, she's had almost twice as many votes as any of my other pics.

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    You both got "Exposure" and "Retroalimentation" being there, a lot more people saw them, so that resulted in a flow of even more people watching and voting for the pieces.
    Congratulations to both for the placements on the gallery ^^
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    Really pleased for the response on that bust Joce...well deserved! (will expect to see it in Volomirs next best of list, as he seems to lift that directly from P&P each month)

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    Say bye bye

    Last pictures

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